The mayor of Fesques, Guy Lucas launches work in the town center and pays tribute to his predecessor

The mayor of Fesques, Guy Lucas launches work in the town center and pays tribute to his predecessor

In Fesques, Mayor Guy Lucas inaugurated the works, honored the former mayor and even took stock of his town in a single day. (©The Awakening of Neufchâtel)

In mid-September, the small village of Fesques, 134 population located north of the cantonment Neufchatel-en-Bray (Seine-Maritime)he put the small dish in the big one.

“In addition to exhibiting our work, we are honoring our elected officials and our employees with a special stamp for my predecessor Antoine Cocagne,” he concludes Lucas guybefore painting a portrait of his small village.

In a city like ours, we don’t witness work every day, it’s an important event that happens only once. This event was supposed to take place in 2020 but Covid has put a damper on our plans.

A beautiful tribute was taken.
Several personalities were awarded medals. (©The Awakening of Neufchâtel)

“Antoine, you can be proud”

So I salute the 38th years of the mandate of former mayor Antoine Cocagne, Guy Lucas wanted to recall on this occasion. “After 38 years at the helm of the city, Antoine, you can be proud of the progress we’ve made,” the mayor said.

And to add :

Antoine and our elders, with limited resources, contributed in a remarkable way to the construction of the municipal office, the restoration of the church and the maintenance of the municipal roads. Almost 10 years ago, we were contacted by various wind farm builders. The project of a park of 4 wind turbines in our village was selected and made possible based on various agreements (municipality, farmers and residents).

The village quickly understood the interest of wind farms.

We therefore negotiated financial benefits, and it was within this framework that we were able to carry out the work that was ceremonially launched today.

The journey and continuity between the old and the new mayor as argued by Guy Lucas.

The help of wind farms allowed us to think about burying networks in our village. Therefore, we collaborated with SDE76 (Intercity Syndicate for Electricity and Gas of the Aumale-Blangy-Neufchâtel region) to remove the networks (electricity, public lighting, telephone), but we also tried to coordinate this work with the current restoration of the drinking water network.

To date, the municipality has buried networks throughout the center of the municipality and in the village of Vieuville. These works were carried out in the 8th years represented a total amount of 948 before tax 568.41 € for linear electrical network 2 700 has drinking water linear 1 500 Mr.

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It should be noted that the connection of the drinking water network to this work also enabled us to regulate our fire protection in the entire affected sector. We installed three fire hydrants subsidized by the department. And SIAEPA expanded its network, resulting in an increase in flow in the village of Vieuville. This allows us to cover the risk of fire.

As soon as the backfilling of the nets was completed, the municipality could begin the development of the village center. “The work was carried out for the amount of €334,914.60. This work was subsidized by the state DETR and FAL in the amount of EUR 24,446.75. The Ministry’s grant reached EUR 164,344.92. In addition to the construction of the speed bumps, which caused a lot of talk, the development of the center has made our village even more welcoming,” says the elected official.

“Second park of 5 wind turbines”

From 2020, the new municipal team made the cemetery, town hall and school accessible. The heating in the multi-purpose room was replaced by a less energy-demanding system. Today, the church tower is also equipped with an electric bell.

“We were offered the creation of a second park of 5 wind turbines as an extension of the current park in the territory of the village of La Vieuville. After consulting with the residents, the city council agreed in principle to the project,” confirmed the mayor. “This new project could allow us to finish burying the nets in our community.”

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