The inventor of the term “metaverse” decides to create his own metaverse

The inventor of the term “metaverse” decides to create his own metaverse

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Neal Stephenson, a science fiction author, decided to start his own “metaverse”. The inventor of the term in a 1992 short story apparently decided to translate it into reality. Its version would be more open than those currently offered.

At a time when the “metaversion” proposed by Mark Zuckerberg is making a lot of noise, it is worth remembering that the billionaire is not the inventor of the term. If this concept has previously appeared in various works, it was in 1992 in a short story titled in French Virtual Samurai, that appears for the first time. Its author is the writer Neal Stephenson.

But this is the last one recently announced his decision to the media Wired bring the concept out of its pages…” It is as if Neal descended from the mountains like Gandalf to restore the metauniverse to an open, decentralized and creative order. “, describes Rony Abovitz, entrepreneur in robotics and augmented reality Wired. The latter is also a strategic advisor to Lamina1, which Neal Stephenson co-founded with Bitcoin Foundation head Peter Vessenes.

Their idea would therefore be to design a meta version that would not be centered around a single gigantic entity like Meta (formerly Facebook) currently is. In fact, what they describe is a bit like the Internet, a metaverse version. ” A scaffolding upon which creators could build an open metaverse ”, Wired describes.

Due to the buzz effect that currently surrounds the concept of metaversions, some were suspicious, describes the intentions of entrepreneurs Peter Vessenes. Did they just want to ride the wave of success to get money? In fact, the entrepreneur explains that he asked himself this question about Neal Stephenson: “ This is potentially the first question: is Neal selling his brand to some fucking metaverse company? “. However, he assures that when people talk to us, they conclude that this is a principled effort “.

Open metaversion

Moreover, this “twist” on the part of Neal Stephenson is not that surprising. As Wired recalls, he also worked part-time for several new tech companies during his career as an author. According to Peter Vessenes, Lamina1 currently has three engineers. He estimates that the company will have 20 to 200 people working on its blockchain in the future, as well as other specialists in immersive and spatial technologies. A drop of water when comparing this staff to the one that works for Meta the Giant.

However, Lamina1 aims only to lay the foundations of the open metaversion, not to develop it as a whole. So everything will undoubtedly depend on the enthusiasm that the project arouses. The project remains extremely ambitious and few details have been provided on its specific implementation. However, some already believe it: I think Neal can bring a moral and philosophical force to history that money can’t buy. says Rony Abovitz, who now runs a company called Sun and Thunder. “ Is the world cynical? Or is the world idealistic? Do people want to be open, democratic and creative and work as peers, or do they want everything handed to them? I say, let’s grab our lightsabers and give it a go! »

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