The English boxing club Grandes-Ventes is looking for a trainer for children

The English boxing club Grandes-Ventes is looking for a trainer for children

Members of the office accompanied by members are motivated to further develop the club. (©The Awakening of Neufchâtel)

It is now possible to practice for one year box in the sports complex Hôtelets v Big Sale (Seine-Maritime).

The desire of the leaders to establish a club between Dieppe and Neufchâtel-en-Bray. Whether adults, teenagers or even children, everyone can try the noble art.

Children’s education is expected to resume quickly

During the general meeting on Monday, September 12, the members of the office drew up the balance sheet of the first year of practice. And parents of young members in particular raised one point: what about lessons for children?

Since the recovery, lessons for children cannot take place. “To the regret of the young boxers, who are impatient to return to training and put on their gloves,” confides one of the parents present. However, the leaders wanted to be reassured.

“I am actively looking for a coach so that the educational attack boxing courses for children can be resumed. A situation that I hope will not drag on too long. Because I see the motivation of young people to want to continue. And some have great potential.

Thomas SannierPresident of the Ventois Boxing Club

Ambition still present

When the club was created, the club leaders showed their ambitions: competitions, new pitches, passing levels, buying equipment, there was no shortage of ideas for development Ventois Boxing Club.

And they are still relevant. Some of them were actually carried out. “Thanks to the crowdfunding launched when the club was founded and the profits generated, we bought mats, punching bags and small equipment such as hoops, cones or perhaps a rhythmic ladder. Members could have personalized t-shirts with the club’s name on them,” says Thomas Sannier.

In addition, he does not refrain from driving club members to competitions, rather the opposite.

Videos: currently on Actu

We have motivated members who have the ability to step into the ring. We will continue to work with them to move them forward.

Thomas Sannier

Please note that a second training area should open very soon.

During this meeting, other ideas, partnerships with other clubs in the region, discovery, exchange and of course putting on the gloves were discussed. And after the gala held last June, “the initiative will be renewed this season,” says Amandine Cavelier, the new vice president.

Change in the office

On the side of the members of the office, Olivier Delabarre announced that he will leave his position as president of the club. “It’s a decision made for both professional and personal reasons,” he explains.

However, the club will not disappoint “we managed to raise more than an honorable rank”, he says.

new office

After this departure, the office was reorganized. Thomas Sannier is now President, Amandine Cavelier, Vice-President, Frédéric Carabin, Official Coach, Karine Beuvin, Treasurer, Elodie Lebourg, Secretary and Laura Aoustin, Vice-Secretary.

For Boxing Club Ventois, the new entity of the club, therefore, a new season begins due to the separation with Échiquiers Dieppois (with whom, however, ties will be maintained) and a change of headquarters, now at the town hall of Les Grandes -Sales.

So, if you want to try English boxing, or renew this sport that you have already practiced, come and register. More information on the club’s Facebook page, Mind Boxing Club Ventois.

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