The disappearance of Mathis Jouanneau: his father will not be tried again

The disappearance of Mathis Jouanneau: his father will not be tried again

Sylvain Jouanneau requested a review of his trial for the kidnapping and seizure of his son Mathis in 2011. This was denied on 15 September 2022. Archive © Nicolas CLAICH

Sylvain Jouanneau will not be tried again for the kidnapping and seizure of his son Mathis, as he requested from the investigative commission of the Review and Re-examination of the Court of Cassation. On 15 September 2022, his request for a review of his June 2015 conviction was denied as our colleagues from France 3 Normandie revealed. The court did not consider that Sylvain Jouanneau brought new elements.

The main point of his request was the return of certain seals, including his computer, which he has been asking for for many years.

I Félix Glückstein, lawyer of Sylvain Jouanneau

It is all the more impossible for justice to be served because the judicial investigation in this case is still ongoing, this time for murder. Originally a civil party, Sylvain Jouanneau was stripped of this status in October 2019 and has therefore not had access to the file since then. He also filed a complaint with the judicial police in Caen.

On September 4, 2011, when he had to bring his son Mathis back to his mother’s house, in Mondevilleclose to Caen (Calvados), at the end of his care weekend and on the eve of the start of the school year, Sylvain Jouanneau kidnapped a young boy aged 8. They found him alone in December Villeneuve-les-Avignon (Gard).

Sylvain Jouanneau, tried in June 2015 by a jury in Calvados, did not say where he would take Mathis.

Sylvain Jouanneau was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He did not appeal against this decision.

Now trapped in the Dordogne

Sylvain Jouanneau, who was jailed in Val-de-Reuil after the trial, was transferred to a prison in Dordogne a few months ago. “This is an institution more suitable for long sentences,” says the lady.E Glückstein, who has advised him since this transfer.

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