The dealers, chased by customs officials for 45 km, crashed into the family’s car in Fougères

The dealers, chased by customs officials for 45 km, crashed into the family’s car in Fougères

Customs officials chased the vehicle with the two men and the drugs on board for 45 km to Fougères. ©Archives Journal de Vitré

Cars from POLICE az gendarmeriebikers from customs, firemen but also Direction of Western Roads (Diro) and the car pound… There were a lot of people on the circuit Ferns on the night of Tuesday 25th to Wednesday 26th October.

Troubled family

The focus of their attention was the collision of two vehicles shortly after 23:00 at the level of the city of Javené between the Hayais and Sermandière roundabouts.

The slightly injured family members (a couple and an 11-year-old child) were primarily in shock: after being hit head-on by a car traveling in the wrong direction, they found themselves in a ditch.

If there was so much commotion around them, it was because it was no ordinary traffic accident, but an hour earlier the closure of the shop on the A81 motorway had begun.

Stop wands and flat tires

Rewinding tonight’s thread. Around 22:30 at Lin Gravelle (53), two bikers from customs want to check the passengers of the Citroën C3. The driver refuses to comply and takes a tangent.

The customs officers, soon supported by the gendarmerie, began to pursue them. The convoy thus arrives in Fougères on the departmental road D798 after 45 km of road.

A barrage of police awaits them at the Hayais roundabout. By using stop rods (a kind of gate) placed on the road, they manage to puncture the tire of the refugees’ vehicle.

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But the driver does not stop. He continues on his way, goes around the roundabout in the opposite direction and crashes into the family’s Lexus as he tries to flee towards the Bar.

The judicial police is in charge of the investigation

End of the road for two men, immediately arrested by the police.

They get narcotics in the car. Cocaine? Hemp? Another one? The prosecutor declined to comment. Nor the presence or absence of cash and firearms.

However, he specified that two persons aged 33 and 35 “already known to justice, especially for offenses against narcotics legislation” were placed in a police cell. And that the investigation was entrusted Territorial Administration of the Judicial Police of Rennes.

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