The community of communes of Mont des Avaloirs funds the IntraMuros application for its 26 communes

The community of communes of Mont des Avaloirs funds the IntraMuros application for its 26 communes

Raymond Lelièvre, Adrien Mottais and Diane Rouland downloaded the IntraMuros app on their smartphones. (©CDLM)

“The community of communes of Mont des Avaloirs decided to sign a three-year inter-municipal contract withintramural mobile application which opens accounts 26 municipalities ”, says Adrien Mottais, Communications Officer at CCMA.

“It is a service that costs 264 euros per month without tax and which the community of municipalities finances for its municipalities and above all for its residents,” he emphasizes.

An application whose mission is to inform

“It helps create a connection between the community of municipalities, the municipalities and the population,” explains Diane Rouland, Chair of the Community of Municipalities.

It offers a base, “then everyone can add whatever they want. For com’com’, for example, I added an e-bike rental service, car sharing, babysitting, a reception for leisure, youth, a cash desk for the cultural season and access to the Reading Network,” lists Adrien Mottais.

Town halls can also establish their own services such as shops, craftsmen, schools, etc.

Diane Rouland President of the CCMA and Mayor of Le Ham

The community of municipalities provides community information that comes to the account of 26 municipalities. Communal information is managed directly by municipalities.

“The advantage of this formula is that each municipality does not have to provide information from the community of municipalities,” appreciates Raymond Lelièvre, mayor of Lignières-Orgères and vice-president responsible for communication at the CCMA.

You can also grant rights to association presidents, for example by giving them their own access codes. I have done this with all association presidents in my city who can broadcast news related to their association.

Diane Rouland

The moderator will verify various information before verification.

Videos: currently on Actu

“Simplified and harmonized communication”

IntraMuros is also a CRM (citizen relationship management) application, or “how the community and citizens interact”, explains Adrien Mottais.

The municipality can warn – for example about works or stray dogs – through alerts that send notifications to citizens. On the other hand, a citizen can report a problem to the municipality – a hole in the road, a trash can lying around, etc. – with the option of sending a photo, GPS location, etc.

Adrien MottaisCCMA Communications Officer

With IntraMuros, communication will be “simplified and harmonized because all municipalities have the same tool”, says Adrien Mottais.

It remains for the residents of the territory to download the application to their smartphone.

It is very easy to use!

Raymond LelievreMayor of Lignières-Orgères

Today we want to communicate as a territory and not as a community of municipalities, and IntraMuros is involved in this.

Diane Rouland

That is why the inter-municipal newsletter with a new graphic charter and a new logo also arrived in mailboxes.

And it doesn’t stop there: “We also adapt the website. The overall repair will take a little longer. The site was very informative, today we would like to adapt it to the person who joins,” supports the president.

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