The Basque Country applies: "Co-therapy"a new center dedicated to integrative health in Anglet

The Basque Country applies: "Co-therapy"a new center dedicated to integrative health in Anglet

A new care center opened its doors in Anglet. (©PH / Basque Country News)

and “Kootherapy” health center. in the district of Butte aux Cailles in Anglet was officially opened on October 13. This place makes it possible a new approach to health which combines the practices of Western scientific medicine and complementary medicine.

This new center dedicated to integrative health, which combines conventional medicine, complementary medicine and lifestyle medicine, has just opened its doors.

“Global Vision of Patient Care”

The idea of ​​creating this center is the initiative of two osteopaths: Laure Etcheverry and Pauline Jeoffroy, who wanted a “global and complementary approach to health”. Two former high-profile sports therapists have found that many patients are leaving “conventional medicine” for “complementary therapies”.

The coordinated care pathway

Based on these observations, Laure and Pauline therefore decided to open a Co-Therapy center that combines a conventional approach to health care and complementary therapies. Inside this new health center there is a reflexologist, psychologist, nurses, physiotherapist, osteopath, doctor and many other professionals trained in conventional medicine and therapies.

The fact that all its specialties work in the same building allows for a “multidisciplinary approach” and to guide the patient according to his different pathologies and requirements.

Kootherapy, a new health center in Anglet.
Kootherapy, a new health center in Anglet. (© Kootherapy)

List of 12 practitioners present at the center:

  • Véronique Becarren: Psycho Neuro Practitioner specializing in well-being at work
  • Virginia Chassin: Energy
  • Renaud Cluzel: Kinesiologist and magnetizer
  • Marilyn Cotte: Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist
  • Caroline Darraspen: Therapeutic Hypnosis Practitioner and Skills Assessment Consultant
  • Laure Etcheverry: Osteopath and Allyane practitioner
  • Laurence Gamboa-Hours: Reflexologist – Dien Chan Integral Reflexology Practitioner
  • Pauline Jeoffroy: Osteopath, Allyane Doctor and Nutrition and Micronutrition Consultant.
  • Dr Maya Marzo Brugada: General practitioner trained in integrative medicine
  • Julien Pargade: Sports coach
  • Nursing Practice SCP Capdepont – Dizabo – Castetbon
  • Hélène Schwer: Masseur-physiotherapist and posturologist

Center address: MAHARIN B – 2 bis, avenue de la butte aux cailles – 64600 Anglet

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