The asbestos scandal: proven link to ovarian and laryngeal cancer

The asbestos scandal: proven link to ovarian and laryngeal cancer

The asbestos scandal: proven link to ovarian and laryngeal cancer
Very few professionals affected by ovarian or laryngeal cancer have exercised their rights to recognition of an occupational disease. © Stock of Adobe

Exposure to asbestos has indeed caused ovarian or larynx cancer. Link recognized by the National Health Security Agency. We will tell you more.

Asbestos still present

asbestos Yippee forbidden in France in 1997. Several construction professionals have worked and are still working to remove asbestos from buildings. They are particularly exposed cancer risks. Those who work in transportation asbestos waste and in their removal they are also strong exposed.

Whoever says occupational disease says compensation

ANSES wants register ovarian and larynx cancers in the table of occupational diseases. That lighten their confirmation as an occupational disease. An important step for opening rights to compensation.

Few claims for occupational disease

Until now, professionals who suffered from one of these two types of cancer had to provide evidence that they had been exposed to asbestos and that there was a link between the disease and their job. Deterrent move. According to ANSES data only 130 requests orknowledge of laryngeal cancer were examined between 2010 and 2020, 6 for ovarian cancerE. Once the two diseases are tabulated, recognition will be faster for the victim.

What should I do if this applies to me?

“It’s u sacrifice (or his agents). submit an application recognition of occupational disease at the primary health insurance company (CPAM) or the agricultural social mutual fund (MSA)” reminds the Sickness and Occupational Injury Association on its website. two years push for the recognition of your cancer as an occupational disease.

Source: ANSES

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