The Albertine Affair: Le Perche at 12.45pm M6

The Albertine Affair: Le Perche at 12.45pm M6

Vincent Guerrier, a journalist from Perche, has been working on the Albertine affair in recent weeks. M6 was interviewed. © Le Perche

In its September 14 issue Rod revealed the sad story of Albertine Haye, whose remains were found at the end of August in her home in La Booz, a small village Bretoncelles (Orne).

The old lady, born in 1923, would have died many years ago. She would not be seen in the city for at least eight years. From this revelation and as stated Rod in the September 21 issue, one of Albertine’s sons — the one who also lives in Bretoncelles — admitted to investigators that he had known for several years that his mother had died. It’s amazing in the village.

Many regional and national media covered this extraordinary case. A television crew also came to Perche, and more precisely to Bretoncelles, to film a feature on this story.

Vincent Guerrier, journalist bass who worked on the case returned to the story of Albertine, her family and how she could “disappear”. The item will be on view this Thursday, September 29 12:45 on the M6.

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