The Ajinomoto factory in Neubourg is aiming for 70 employees in 2023

The Ajinomoto factory in Neubourg is aiming for 70 employees in 2023

On Monday morning, Samsic Emploi offered Ajinomoto employees a breakfast to celebrate the newest employees, September 1st. ©Thomas Guilbert

At 8 o’clock in the morning the break begins. With Charlotte on her head, employees of Ajinomoto, a Japanese food company based in Neubourg, arrive one by one at the break room on Monday, September 19, 2022. Fruit juices and pastries are waiting for them on the tables. They are offered by Samsic Emploi, represented by its local manager Hélène Debaisieux. “It’s the first time we’ve done this. We wanted to offer the employees a breakfast before starting work, which took place on September 1,” explains the head of the employment agency. Everyone is invited, regardless of contract or profession.

Strong dynamics

About thirty people were employed in the factory. There will be two new recruitment waves next January and June. The overall goal: to employ 70 new people in all departments of the Neubourg plant. “We are on a very strong momentum that I hope will develop in the coming years,” says director Sylvain Lefebvre.

This first wave also has a peculiarity in the calculation of CDD and CDI. As of September 1, 22 CDI (indefinite-term contracts) and eleven CDD (fixed-term contracts) were added to the plant’s 164 permanent employees. “CDIs were offered to loyal temporary workers”, emphasizes Karine Hamel, HR Manager. Some employees have worked at Ajinomoto for ten to thirteen years.

“This prospect of 70 employees is related to the creation of a line of gyozas (Japanese raviolis)”, continues Hélène Debaisieux. For this reason, Samsic Emploi continues to look for candidates for the positions of agri-food workers. “The season starts again at the end of the holiday year. We are looking for contracts for 2/8 and at night. »

“Doubling Production”

For the first wave CDDs, they are offered the opportunity to obtain a CDI in the coming months as the company trains them to set up a new line. In total, it needs twenty-seven people to operate. For Sylvain Lefebvre, “this will allow us to double our production. Currently, 4,000 tons of food are produced annually. With the new line, we will produce another 4,000 tons”.

In a sign that the project is moving forward, a team from Ajinomoto Tokyo arrived last week. So director Sylvain Lefebvre confidently declares: “They came to do tests before opening the line. »

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