"That’s enough !" : a petition has been launched to stop sexual assaults near the Lille campus

"That’s enough !" : a petition has been launched to stop sexual assaults near the Lille campus

At least five students have fallen victim to exhibitionism since August 2022 when one of them tried to grab the arm. All attacks took place in this observatory cul-de-sac in Lille (North). (©Google Maps)

More than 2000 signatures harvested in one dayand perhaps, like many students who heard about the facts, they were somewhat victimized. The the petition was started by three students from the Educative Campuswhich is located nearby Lille Botanical Garden (North)indeed, it was broadcast at a phenomenal speed that even its authors did not expect. His title is a challenge, and wants: “Stop sexual assaults in Lille: let’s protect our students and our children”. The heart of the matter is a a sad dead end reminiscent of an ambushwhere one or more exhibitionists have been regularly rampaging in recent weeks.

“Both were deeply traumatized”

A trap because the dead end in question, named dead end observatory, is a must for many students. In any case, the fastest way to get to one of the five schools on the campus – where communication, journalism or video game creation are taught – is from the Porte de Douai metro station. Since August 2022, there have been five attacks: in four cases, a man performed and masturbated in front of young women. In the fifth, he also tried to grab the victim’s arm, campus director Pascal Toth confirms.

Maëlle realized the seriousness of the situation when she heard the stories of two of her friends who had recently been attacked alternately.

“Friday [21 octobre], we had to meet for coffee as usual. And I started getting voicemails from them telling me they just ran into an exhibitionist. A man was masturbating in front of them on the bridge [qui surplombe l’A25, NDLR]. Both were deeply traumatized, even though they are super cheerful girls. I was like, ‘That’s enough!'”

Maëlle, initiator of the petition and friend of the two victims.

A man leaning against the barrier of a bicycle ramp

Between the two victims, Claire, also at the origin of the petition. He remembers this man “leaning against the barrier in the middle of the bike ramp”. He clarifies: “We couldn’t see it from the bridge. As we passed he went about his business. He was a man about 35-40 years old who was not clean about him. “Today, if she confides that she’s ‘a bit paranoid or uncomfortable’ when she’s alone on the street, she puts it into perspective.” “I could have been alone or it could have been a child. As it is also stated in the petition, there is the Léon-Frapié Kindergarten which is a few hundred meters away.

In any case, the students can rely on the principal who has faced the problem head on. On October 21, Pascal Toth called a taxi in the morning so that Claire and her friend could go to file a complaint at the police station. And since the first raid, which took place in August, he has made it his business to ensure the comings and goings of young people. “The 3rd grader came to the oral exam in tears [le 29 août]She was devastated by what had just happened to her. It drove me crazy,” says the director. It was she who the aggressor tried to grab by the arm.

Paved passageways of the city police

A few days later, two new students are attacked. “It was no longer possible there. I wrote to City Hall to ask for security cameras at the cul-de-sac level. He was told that to create such a system, there would have to be a lot more “applicants,” he says. After the attack on Claire and her friend, Pascal Toth sends a new letter to City Hall. “I understand what the City is saying to me, but I can’t imagine 500 students passing through every day without being safe. It’s unbearable and I’m worried. »

contacted, The city of Lille confirms it has taken note of the attacksand after the introduction of “measures of reinforced passages in the sector and warnings of the national police”. He explains that the first meeting with the management of the Lille Eductive campus took place in September and that a new one is planned “in the coming days”, also with the presence of the national police. “To assess the situation so that we can take appropriate action and end it as soon as possible. »

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