Terres du Lauragais: there will be no new vice-presidents at this time

Terres du Lauragais: there will be no new vice-presidents at this time

Among the 12 vice-presidents elected in 2020, two have been forced to leave their post and another two are concerned about the upcoming renewal of the Villefranche-de-Lauragais town council. (©Paul Halbedel – Voix du Midi Lauragais archive)

With a three and a half year ban on the activities of the former mayor of Lanta Marc Mengaudthen the defeat of the former mayor of Avignonet-Lauragais, Isabelle Haybrard Daniel, during new elections held in their municipality, community of municipalities Land of Lauragais he lost two of his vice presidents within a few weeks.

As a reminder, the former was in charge road while the other was responsible for the company’s portfolio early childhood.

No new vice presidents until December

This Tuesday, October 25, the village council met in Vallègue. Should he proceed to install the new community delegates of the commune of Avignonet-Lauragais, Patricia Malmaison and Sebastien Saffonthe new delegate of Lanta, Nadine Sovauntil then a substitute community advisor, had to be postponed pending the approval of the prefecture.

However, no election of a new vice-chairman was on the agenda. President Christian Portet explained why: “There are two other vice-presidents who are concerned about the new municipal elections planned for the end of November in Villefranche-de-Lauragais. That’s how we programmed on Tuesday, December 6, the municipal council specifically addressed it. And we’re going to spend the afternoon voting that day because it’s a secret election.”

Municipal elections in Villefranche

The candidates on two different lists in Villefranche-de-lauragais, Lina Pic (vice-president responsible for social actions) and Jean-Jacques Ramade (vice-president responsible for the environment and waste management), are not guaranteed to keep their positions. in the organization chart of Terres du Lauragais. In addition, Christian Mercier, also elected in Villefranche-de-Lauragais and who has decided not to run again in these new municipal elections, will automatically leave his position as associate member of the executive office of Terres du Lauragais.

The head of the intercommunity explained that the village council will also intervene during this community dividing these new delegates into different committees. “We are also postponing the integration into the commissions until they are all appointed, so that they only have to do it once,” he underlined.

Christian Portet: “Everything is possible”

However, a question arises. Will all vacant positions in the Terres du Lauragais executive be replaced? ” Everything is possible. We are currently discussing this because our skills are being revised simultaneously and maybe there is no need to have so many vice presidents anymore but that we have to reorganize things a bit,” answers Christian Portet enigmatically.

By reducing the number of its vice-presidents, the intercommunity would ensure even a small saving reducing the amount of the envelope intended for contributions to elected officials. A prospect that could also weigh on the financial woes facing the community.

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