Stroke: what to do if it happens?

Stroke: what to do if it happens?

Stroke: what to do if it happens?
During a stroke, every minute counts: call 15 immediately if you witness it. © Stock of Adobe

More than 110,000 French people fall victim to a stroke every year. A stroke causes serious consequences if it is not supported in time. What if you are a witness?

Recognize a stroke in 4 signs

World Stroke Day, 29 October, is an opportunity to remember the 4 warning signs of a stroke:

  • loss brutal the strength of one arm, one leg or on the whole side (hemiplegia),
  • drooping corner of mouth (deformed mouth),
  • sudden loss vision the vision in one eye goes completely black,
  • sudden loss speech.

There is no time to waste!

If you witness a stroke, contact 15 (SAMU) immediately. Every minute counts. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of death and serious consequences. We estimate that we it loses 2 million neurons per minutee when an artery is blocked.

Clogged cerebral artery

in 80% cases, stroke it is said ischemic. As in the case of a heart attack and the artery is blocked in the brain. In 20% of cases, we are talking about bleeding: an artery in the brain is bleeding. Only one scan or a MRI determine the type of stroke and then adjust the treatment.

Are you one of those at risk of stroke?

Although anyone can have a stroke, certain factors increase the risk:

  • high blood pressure blood pressure above 14/9,
  • and cholesterol,
  • diabetes
  • and tobacco and alcohol
  • sedentary lifestyle and overweight,
  • cardiac arrhythmia.

Serious consequences for half of patients

More than half of patients have CVA sequelae. These continuation are visible: persistence and paralysis, Loss of autonomy. Sometimes these consequences are invisible 😛concentration problems severe fatigue etc.

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