Streaming: France take on Spain in a soccer match broadcast on Twitch

Streaming: France take on Spain in a soccer match broadcast on Twitch

The match will take place at the Stade Jean-Bouin in Paris. (© Arne Müseler / / CC-BY-SA-3.0/ Wikimedia Commons)

It’s a rivalry that didn’t start yesterday. France and Spain are somewhat hostile brothers. Football, especially basketball. But even in the Internet world, French and Spanish regularly collide. Especially on Twitch, a platform for live streaming content.

The final highlight: Pixel War, a pixel battle on the Reddit forum where each Twitch community wanted to defend their patriotism and their national symbols.

There, the rivalry between the Spanish and the French gained even more strength. But on November 19, it could take another turn, with a soccer match organized in Paris by Amine, a French streamer.

In a stadium with 20,000 seats

The meeting will take place at the Stade Jean-Bouin in Paris and will feature familiar names in the French and Spanish broadcasts: this Wednesday, October 26, Amine revealed the selection of France.

Inoxtag, Michou, Billy (Rebeudeter), Domingo, Boumé, Tonton, Carlito, Djilsi, LeBouseuh, Pfut, Bruce Grannec, Yannou JR, Alonz, Brawks, Bibi, Rivenzi, Yassencore, Arsène, Sacha and Zack Nani will play against the Spaniards .

The ticket office for the match was also open on Wednesday.

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Could this friendly French-Spanish rivalry be the setting for a new record after the one broken by Squeezie during his GP explorer (a million people watched this car race live, first time in France, ed.)? The answer at the Jean-Bouin Stadium on November 19.

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