Strasbourg.  Cathedral Post Office to be transformed: here’s what it could become

Strasbourg. Cathedral Post Office to be transformed: here’s what it could become

It is in the premises of the former culture shop on the Place de la Cathédrale in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) that it will be possible to use the La Poste public service from January 2023 at the latest. (©photo of an owl)

The post office on the Place de la Cathédrale in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) will close its doors for good. To replace it, 200 meters away, it is a concierge which will allow residents to send their letters and packages… but not only that.

In the premises of the former culture shop, on the corner of Place de la Cathédrale and Rue Mercière, the future concierge service, whose manager remains unknown, should open “no later than January 2023”, assures Syamak Agha Babaei, the first deputy mayor of Strasbourg.

Send, stamp, receive… and fix

In this currently unoccupied room, you will find the classic postal service: mail, stamp, receipt… But the porter wants to offer more than that. “In addition to the postal relay, there could be supply repairs, a drop-off point for vegetable baskets, connections to personal services…” states Salem Drici, Clerk-elect of Grande Island.

Dominique Adrien, regional delegate of the La Poste group at the Grand Est level, elaborates: in another concierge service managed by the group, it is possible, for example, to “rent prams”.

All this remains conditional: the city has carried out a public market consultation and must now study potential managers. Among them is the La Poste group. While waiting for who will manage the place, it is not possible to learn more about the planned activities.

Build links and respond to needs

“It’s an opportunity to create a link,” sums up all the same chosen ones. But above all “to meet the needs of the residents”. For example, go out of the ATM, the offer is sufficient according to the city in the district.

An experiment with this type of structure, which combines several services for the public in one place, has already been carried out in the Ampère district of Neuhof.

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Since the La Poste group provides a public service in the territory, the mission approved by a 2010 Act and must therefore ensure continuity with at least one office per 20,000 inhabitants. However, accessibility issues are very different in priority areas of the city, such as Elsau or Koenigshoffen, and in the city center.

Finally, a multifunctional tourist office

This concierge may be temporary. Because in the long term, the Tourist Office of Strasbourg, which is currently located on the other side of the courtyard, could set up its quarters in the premises currently occupied by La Poste. It would also offer postal services there: there is no need for two reserved spaces in the same place, the gatehouse would then close.

And to become a kind of multifunctional center for welcoming and serving the public, a “welcome center”. “A new space that will bring together different services,” Joël Steffen, its president, tries to describe in detail.

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