Storm in Oise.  The pollution of the Thérain near Songeons is linked to a spill of liquid fertiliser

Storm in Oise. The pollution of the Thérain near Songeons is linked to a spill of liquid fertiliser

Thérain was polluted near Songeons by oil accidentally spilled during a storm on Sunday 23 October (©L’Eclaireur La Dépêche)

The Oise Prefecture explains that an investigation has been carried out to determine the cause pollution of Rain. And the ax fell.

A “windy episode” in other words storm of Sunday 23 October 2022 damaged the tank containingliquid fertilizer.

It spilled into the sewer and rainwater network.

“Thanks to the intervention of the concerned state services of the municipality Let’s think az
Véolia, this flow has been stopped, Véolia has cleaned the networks by hydro-purifying and blocking the polluted water,” explains the prefecture in a press release.

But to get back to normal, we will have to be patient.

“Due to this pollution, the treatment capacity of the Songeons Wastewater Treatment Plant has also been disrupted. Veolia is implementing a process to restore the station’s filtering capacities, which will require a full restoration
probably a few weeks,” the prefecture estimates.

Remember that the main consequence of this pollution is fish mortality in the Thérain, from Songeons and downstream from Beauvais.

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Samples and analyzes continue to be carried out to measure the development of the situation.

Oise Prefecture

State departments in close cooperation with all concerned actors, especially local government, ensure monitoring of the situation within the departmental operations center (COD).

We remind you that Corinne Orzechowski, Prefect of Oise, has decided to take action
precautionary measures by banning on the entire linear Thérain including its branches and water bodies supplied by the Thérain or its branches, from the Songeons to the confluence of the Oise: fishing, consumption of all kinds of fish, use of water (e.g. watering animals and especially water sports).

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