Stadia, "netflix video games" of Google, will soon end permanently

Stadia, "netflix video games" of Google, will soon end permanently

Stadia, Google's streaming service, is over.

Stadia, Google’s streaming service, is over. (©Google.)

Google’s dematerialized video game service lasted three years. Launched in November 2019, Stadia will gradually stop, for a period of a final closing in January 2023.

Too many failures to last

On paper, the idea was good: Stadia offers you to play the latest video games, but without owning the console. Since the software is stored on servers, you can activate it from your computer or box using a process streaming.

So we nicknamed the stage the “Netflix of video games”.

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But in reality, Stadia failed and Google decided to stop charging.

While Stadia’s approach to consumer game streaming was built on a solid technological foundation, it did not gain the user interest we expected. We’ve made the difficult decision to begin shutting down our Stadia streaming service.

Phil HarrisonVice President and Director of Google

After launching its platform, Google created its own game development studio, Games and entertainment Stadia. But this one has closed from February 2021.

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You can get a refund

Recently through a communicatedGoogle has therefore announced that the games will be gradually disabled until the streaming service is finally shut down January 18, 2023.

We’ll refund all Stadia hardware purchases made through the Google Store, as well as game and accessory purchases made through the Stadia Store


Google promises this to gamers they will continue to have access to their game library and play until January 18thto complete the last game session.

“We expect most refunds to be made by mid-January 2023,” Google adds.

More information at refund here.
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