Sperm don’t like alcohol

Sperm don’t like alcohol

Sperm don't like alcohol
Drinking a glass of alcohol every day reduces male fertility. © Stock of Adobe

Alcohol is bad not only for your liver but also for your sperm. They become less effective. We will tell you more.

100 million sperm per day

Since puberty, testicles they produce about 100 million sperm per day. However, according to a new study published in a specialized journal, this number is reduced by alcohol consumption Acta Obstetricia and Gynecologica Scandinavica on October 19.

Slower sperm

In addition to adjusting their number and daily alcohol consumption edit sperm size, shape and motilitys. Co reduced chances of 9% fertility say the researchers. To reach this conclusion, they analyzed data from nearly 27,000 men and women who underwent fertility treatment in nine separate studies. Weekly alcohol consumption above 84 grams (i.e. one drink per day) is thus associated with a decrease in fertility.

How does alcohol affect sperm?

“How these factors affect the reproductive system remains to be clarified by research,” said Dr Yufeng Li, lead author of the study. Scientists have noticed this too alcohol reduced fertility in women by 7%.. Cause: alcohol increases oxidative stresswhich increases the risk of endometriosis or miscarriage.

source: Acta Obstetricia and Gynecologica Scandinavica,
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