South Brittany: collecting waste on the beach to make a hornet filter

South Brittany: collecting waste on the beach to make a hornet filter

Pick up will be done on the coast of Guidel (Morbihan, France). Illustrative image. ©Annick Guillemot – Illustration photo

Students from the University of South Brittany (UBS) mobilize to pick up litter on the beach in Guidel (Morbihan) the Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

Participation is possible without registration

The event takes place on reef beach at Guidel-Plage. “Eco-Design of Polymers and Composites” (ECPC) master’s students, in collaboration with the Ocean Conservation Association Surfrider Foundationstands behind this initiative.

This collection is open to all, no registration required. “The Surfrider Foundation provides the equipment (gloves and bags) necessary for the smooth running and safety of participants,” explains UBS.

Make an object from plastic waste

Students will find uses for the collected plastic waste:

As part of their course, which trains future graduates to eco-design the products and materials of tomorrow, considering their entire life cycle from their design, students will make a 3D printed part from plastic waste collected during a beach pick-up. This waste will be cleaned and then turned into filaments that can be used on a 3D printer.


Last year, students made a 3D print and medical orthosis. For this school year it will be a “A hornet filter that can help beekeepers protect their hives. »

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