Something new at the head of Dumas College in Dieppe

Something new at the head of Dumas College in Dieppe

Frédérique Desliers is principal and Katia Turel assistant manager at Dumas College in Dieppe. (© Camille Larher)

There is something new at the head of the Dumas College, Dieppe (Maritime Seine). Frédérique Desliers took over from Anne Germain as headmistress of the school. The one who comes from the Lille Academy has lived in Seine-Maritime for four years. She worked as assistant principal at Roncherolles College in Bolbec before taking over Dumas at the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

Frédérique Desliers was a specialist teacher for 12 years and director of Segpa, a modified section of general and vocational education, for eight years. So this year she will take up a position outside of priority education for the first time, but will also move up the ranks by becoming principal of Dumas College, which has 560 students.

Partner relations

Dieppe was part of his wish to transfer. “It’s a dynamic city with great cultural and economic diversity, it’s important for the projects we want to implement,” he notes. In particular, partnerships with companies in the field to introduce high school students to the world of work.

In addition, she is happy to be able to join the team of this school, “which deserves to be highlighted more”, she emphasizes. Projects, clubs, trips abroad, cultural trips… the school is full of ideas. And that deserves a small refresh of the exterior parts. “They are business trips,” says Frédérique Desliers. The pleasant climate of the school also depends on the premises”.

Katia Turel is a native of Picardy but has lived in Seine-Maritime for 22 years. This year she returned for the 30th time as Dumas’ new chief assistant. “We arrive at two,” he smiles. I think that’s very good.” With their fresh eyes, the newcomers identify the positive aspects of the business, but also those that need to be improved. “It’s a strength,” they say.

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