Sleeve.  The launch of the hunt against a background of controversy

Sleeve. The launch of the hunt against a background of controversy

The start of the hunt will take place this Sunday, September 25, 2022 in La Mancha. A comeback that is not without controversy. (©DP)

The general opening of the hunt will take place on Sunday, September 25, 2022 at 9 the English Channel. “We’re going into a new season.”. We get together with friends and have a moment of sharing. Opening is always a great moment. »

This new season opens in controversial context. AND Senate mission rejects the introduction of no-hunt days, but proposes a number of new rules, includingprohibition of alcohol consumption during the hunt. “It’s stigmatizing,” responds director David Guérin Channel Hunters Federation.

“I’d like to be a little mouse to see how the food goes in the Senate.”

Gerard BamasChairman of the Federation of Hunters

According to hunters, there are “very few accidents” involving alcohol :

“Skiing is the most accident-prone activity. Do we let the skiers breathe when going down the slopes or at the lifts? »

David GuerinDirector of the Channel Hunters Federation

The High Assembly did not take kindly to the news of this mission.

Favorable drought for animals

Other controversies: filling gabion ponds to the start of waterfowl hunting a month ago, when water restrictions were in place throughout the resort.

“This prefect’s measure only concerned the Douve and Taute basins. It was part of a collective management plan aimed at maintaining the summer level of these ponds in order to preserve the biodiversity in these wetlands.”

Gerard BamasChairman of the Federation of Hunters

180 ponds have a permit for pumping.

For several years now, there is talk of banning lead cartridges. This topic is back on the table with a deadline of 2023, based on a decision by the European Parliament‘European Union. Too fast and unreasonable for hunters “It’s already banned in the wetlands and the gun manufacturers aren’t ready.” » The use of steel shot requires the use of an appropriate weapon. “The state will have to compensate hunters to replace their weapons. »

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The workforce is stable

The hunt, which has been in decline for several years, has seen a stabilization of its practitioners in the English Channel: “In terms of numbers, we are not declining, reports David Guérin, director of the English Channel Federation of Hunters. We are seeing stabilization: we have 14,500 hunting license verifications, the same number as last year, including 4,600 national non-department hunting permits. “This year, the departmental federation is accompanying the measures with payment in three installments. “We realized that there are several practitioners in the dormitories and that this represents a significant amount. » 500 hunters chose this option. One ward costs, without insurance, €120 for small game and €132 for large game, national license at least €208.61.

In addition to these difficulties,the start of the hunt will take place under good conditions. Game populations increase: “The drought was favorable for breeding”. Hunters should find more hares, pheasants, roe deer, wild boars in the area… increase in direct debits : + 6% for deer with max. 7,960 bracelets; “30% of the population”.

Last year, 3000 wild boars were killed and the damage seen in the crops shows this “The population is at least the same as last year” with a higher level of compensation due to increased grain costs. Federation of Hunterswhich compensates farmers, anticipates a bill of €270,000, up from €200,000 in previous years.

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