Skin cycling: the beauty routine trending on TikTok.

Skin cycling: the beauty routine trending on TikTok.

Cycling leather is beauty routine recommended by dermatologists and right now it’s the center of all discussions among beauty experts. A skincycling video recently went viral on social media and especially on TikTok, where the #SkinCycling hashtag has more than 74 million views. What is the real value of this beauty routine? How to succeed? What are the disadvantages? Let’s talk about the most popular beauty routine of today.

What is skin cycling?

This is a concept facial beauty routine whose cycle lasts 4 days. So the principle of skin cycling is simple. Its success is essentially based on this alternating system. It includes application days and recovery days like a sports routine. In other words, you must follow a 4-day skin treatment. Devote the first 2 days to the application of effective specific care (exfoliator and retinol) and allow the skin to rest for the next 2 days.

Why did it become so popular?

Actually ” skin cyclehas satisfied for many years. In recent weeks, however, the practice has returned to the stage under the name “skin cycling”. This is thanks to a tutorial shared by Dr. Whitney Bowe, an American dermatologist. Since then, she has made more followers of natural care for clear skin and radiant skin.

How to apply skin cycling?

On the first day of your cycle, apply your usual care in the morning, then at the end of the day, remove make-up and cleanse your face. This consists of peeling with a product of your choice, preferably a chemical one. Gentle peeling can also help. This will allow you to rid your skin of dirt and dead cells. Your skin will thus be able to better absorb the care you plan for the next day, limiting the risk of irritation. The second night, apply a retinol cream or serum. The latter is a derivative of vitamin A, which effectively stimulates cell renewal and collagen formation. It is a major ally, whose effectiveness against the appearance of pimples, brown spots and wrinkles is now praised on the web.

Devote the remaining two nights of your cycle to skin repair and regeneration. This means that you should not use any active substances. All you have to do is just clean your skin and apply moisturizer if you feel the need.

How to Succeed in Skin Cycling?

To make it work daily beauty routine, you must follow these tips. Do a skin tolerance test first before applying a retinol skin care product. Then follow the recommended dosage to avoid a possible adverse reaction.

Dr. Bowe also recommends evening application for good reasons. During the day, the skin really fights against external aggressions such as UV radiation and pollution. It regenerates at night and is more ready for treatment during sleep.

What are the benefits of skincycling?

A minimalist response to the huge demand that is currently blurring, advocates of “less is more” sagging skin. This natural beauty routine or almost, recommended by dermatologists, nourishes and cleanses oily and/or acne-prone skin for a more radiant complexion.

According to dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe is a “skin cycler”, more commonly known as “skin cycling”, a routine that effectively maintains the beauty and health of the skin. She said this in an interview with Allure magazine. Its effectiveness is based on certain benefits of using retinol and exfoliants, but avoids the risk of inflammation and irritation. These products can contain very effective, but also very strong active substances. Therefore, it is important to allow the skin to recover during the next two nights.

Based on all these pros, what about the cons?

Regular use of your evening beauty routine is a good thing, but having a perfect one is even better. andskin cyclingmay seem like an effective routine if there are no major changes to be adopted. However, it is important to note that the skin cycle requires the use of strong chemicals to break down skin cells. These chemicals can irritate the skin and cause other health problems. Also, the required products can be quite expensive. Otherwise, if you respect the time needed to let the skin rest and assimilate the stored care. You will have nothing to fear.

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