Serquigny.  The adventure continues "White lady"a former spinning mill turned art gallery

Serquigny. The adventure continues "White lady"a former spinning mill turned art gallery

Rémi Rambaud, surrounded by paintings by the artist Albert Hadjiganev. ©Eveil Normand / AB

Great joy and great sadness. It’s with mixed feelings Remy Rambaud experienced a cannon failure Nicolas Gasiorowski at the beginning of October White lady.

Joy, because over 700 people squeezed through the doors of this former cotton factory-turned-art gallery exhibition in six months the village of Courcelles. And about twenty paintings were sold, which is enough to rate this first event very positively. But even this conclusion was not without sadness, because the paintings of the Bernay artist managed to gather both residents every Sunday, the day of the opening Serquigny (Eure) and surroundings, but also passing visitors from nearby regions.

“People like to meet here”

“Parisian gallery owners found that the level was high, well appreciated by the artistic community,” emphasizes Rémi Rambaud, owner of the site, formerly owned by Arkema and Adapt. The businessman at the head of events and golf merchandise company Greenmark is now preparing another exhibition at what he describes as a ‘magical’ site on the edge of Charentonne.

As of October 29, they are these Albert and Emil Hadjiganev, originally from Bulgaria, who will contribute to the lighting of the 600 m² ground floor of the White Lady, the father with paintings, the son with photographs. One sublimates the Norman, Spanish or Bulgarian landscape, while the other is interested in the world at night. Both will be present at the opening this Saturday at 5 pm, and Emil Hadjiganev will also be available every Sunday to meet the public until January 7.

“Sundays are a good time, people like to come, it generates smiles. Artists meet here, people like to meet here and they like to see that this place has been maintained and renovated for good purposes. I want visitors to be happy. »

Remy Rambaud

He, who rubbed shoulders with artists throughout his youth and whose parents founded a contemporary art gallery in Gard, intends to follow the events one by one. Descendant Marquis of the Crossfounder of the Serquigny spinning mills in the 19thE century, will be invited to the exhibition in the first half of 2023. Then it will be the turn of a pair of painters with international careers and very different styles, Caroline and Pierre Poirierbetween June and August.

The idea of ​​the selection committee

When asked about artists who wish to be welcomed at Dame Blanche, Rémi Rambaud considers creating a selection committee “because the selection can be difficult and you have to know how to explain why you say no”, notes the owner, who also owns shares in the restaurant Bodega, rue Folloppe in Bernay. “I would like to surround myself with caring people with a relevant view of art, establish objective criteria and thus determine the artists who may be eligible,” he adds, who claims to “take all the risks.” He finances all communication and does not require the previous participation of artists, but on the other hand he receives a commission for each canvas sold at the price of the workshop.

If you want to hope that his paintings will hang on the walls of Dame Blanche, a basic condition must be met: “You have to fall in love with the place and think that it would be ideal to display the works”, confides Rémi Rambaud, who never stops to be in love with this heritage steeped in history.

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Exhibition Father and son, Albert and Emil Hadjiganev, from October 29 to January 7 every Sunday from 2 to 7 p.m. Opening on Saturday 29 October at 5 pm La Dame Blanche, Courcelles village, 27470 Serquigny.

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