Seine-et-Marne: two drivers race on a county road

Seine-et-Marne: two drivers race on a county road

The driver of the BMW and Mercedes was detained by the Coulommiers Motorized Brigade © Gendarmerie of Seine-et-Marne

One was returning from work, the other was going to pick up his daughter. They left on foot. Two motorists were detained by gendarmes Coulommiers Motorized Brigadethis Wednesday, October 26, 2022, around 4:00 p.m., when they were driving on RD 934, at Marolles-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne).

Two motorists are crossing a side road at very high speed

Two bikers are doing a speed check on a stretch when they are alerted by the sounds of acceleration. The first car overtakes the vehicle at high speed just in front of them. Behind him is another racing car that follows closely behind him.

Motorists aged 37 and 41 living in Seine-et-Marne and Val-de-Marne are limited to 80 at 160 km/h on this stretch. The finally accepted speed is 152 km/h, i.e. 72 km/h over the limit. Their vehicles, a Mercedes GLA 45 AMG and a BMW 5 Series, were seized.

One of the cannabis positive drivers

In the meantime, the drivers’ licenses have been suspended, pending legal action. One of them also tested positive for cannabis.

“This is irrational behaviour,” retorted Captain Christophe Dufour, second in command of the Departmental Road Safety Squadron (EDSR). These drivers who drive on the Seine-et-Marne ring road are a danger to other road users. »

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