Seine-et-Marne: Melunais Jean-Charles Jacquier on the way to the Hawaiian worlds

Seine-et-Marne: Melunais Jean-Charles Jacquier on the way to the Hawaiian worlds

Jean-Charles Jacquier at the end of the swimming event ©

3.8 km from swimming180 kilometers from bikeand one marathon (42.195 km) to the destination. That was the program, last October 15iron Man in Cascais, Portugal, a qualifying event for the World Championship in Hawaii.

Great triathlon that Melunais Jean-Charles Jacquier (Melun triathlon) in 9 hours, 2 minutes and 59 seconds, with a 180 km cycling section in 4:46 at a dizzying average of 37.5 km/h – in third place out of 1230 entries – and a marathon run, after already 6 hours of effort, in just 3 clock! At the finish line, Jean-Charles Jacquier is in 16th placeE scratch -out of 1230 participants-, but above all 3E in his M25-29 category with a Hawaii Worlds ticket in his pocket.

He will continue to push himself and gain experience

Eric Bonnomet, President of Melun Triathlon

“It’s the first time a triathlete from the club has qualified for the World Championships,” exults Eric Bonnomet, former mayor of Pringy, also a triathlete and the newly elected president of Melun Triathlon. It’s a nice gift for my coming to the presidency! Jean-Charles put in one hell of a performance with incredible times. He even overtook Laurent Jalabert in the cycling section! He is still a young athlete (26 years old, editor’s note), he can still assert himself, he will significantly gather experience, which is very important in this sport to master his efforts.

Another challenge will be to find sponsors

Jean-Charles Jacquier, triathlete

Jean-Charles Jacquier also owes his progress to a change of coach. “I changed 6 months ago,” explains the man who got into triathlon by accident after his sister signed him up for the event. He has a slightly more scientific approach to the discipline, there were a lot of changes in my preparation, I improved a lot mainly in cycling and running. Before this ironman, my reference time, although the conditions were not exactly the same, was 9:59 in Vichy. I saved almost an hour on this test! »

Finally a goal, 3rd place and a ticket to the WC!
Finally a goal, 3rd place and a ticket to the WC! ©

After coming very close to qualifying for the 2019 World Championships – just missing out by a single place – Jean-Charles Jacquier, who started the sport with handball and motocross, had only one obsession on his mind, getting his qualification. “That was a clear goal,” he admits. With the preparation I’ve done, this is the result I’ve been aiming for. So getting on the podium in my category and qualifying was pure luck! »

Less than a year after these famous worlds in Hawaii, Jean-Charles Jacquier will now start preparing for the deadline as best he can, of course on a sporting level, but also on an organizational level. “I generally only do one Ironman a year,” he explains. There, since the Worlds will be held at the end of the year, I will do one preparation for the start of the year in France and probably one or two other shorter events. After that, the next challenge will be to find sponsors and help to participate in these worlds. It will be difficult financially, it scares me a little, but we will do everything we can to balance the budget! »

Jean-Charles Jacquier was a hit on the motorcycle
Jean-Charles Jacquier was a hit on the motorcycle ©

Those interested in helping Jean-Charles participate in the 2023 Worlds can contact Eric Bonnomet, club president, on 06 11 94 83 98.

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