Seine-et-Marne: Connected 24-hour convenience store at Combs-la-Ville station

Seine-et-Marne: Connected 24-hour convenience store at Combs-la-Ville station

In the parking lot in front of the station, there is a Boxy grocery store ©EvO/RSM77

Regulars from Combs-la-Ville station saw a funny red container land in the parking lot. Work cabin? Storage space ? And no, it’s actually a attached general store baptized Boxesopen 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, which will be very useful in case you forget your dinner…

The Boxy concept, developed since 2018 – self-services equipped in 15m recycled shipping containers2– the first self-service was opened in 2020 and is gradually being introduced throughout France. So Combs-la-Ville is the 12thE installed in Seine-et-Marne.

Its use is incredibly simple. Just download the Boxy app to your smartphone, create an account and enter your payment method. You can then get to the store by scanning your QR code from the app in front of the convenience store. Once inside, half a dozen cameras identify customers and track their journey through the store, and nearly 300 sensors installed in the shelves detect products picked up or moved by the customer. And the customer is subsequently charged the amount via the payment method entered in the application and his digital receipt is sent to him.

New services are also being studied, such as a special breakfast offer with the installation of a coffee machine and the option to buy pastries.

The Boxy app is available for free on the Appstore and Playstore and allows you to find the Boxy closest to you, see real-time inventory of products present, enter the convenience store and view your purchase history and offers.

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