Seine and Marne.  The city of La Rochette relies on renewable energy sources

Seine and Marne. The city of La Rochette relies on renewable energy sources

Photovoltaic panels were installed at Sdesm, in La Rochette ©AGB/RSM77

On La Rochette (Seine-et-Marne), energy surcharge in 2022 in connection with the increase in the price of gas and electricity between €180,000 and €200,000 ! For the mayor, Pierre Yvroud, also the president Energy Union of the Department of Seine-et-Marne (Sdesm)There is an urgent need to turn to renewable energy and move away from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and shale gas. »

Energy saving

“I encourage wind force, photovoltaics, hydraulics, geothermal energy and biomass, not to mention nuclear energy, he says. There is a project in Boissise-la-Bertrand 20 hectares of solar panels, but the procedure is long and complex, as it is necessary to collect the opinions of all organizations. »

In the near future, the city of La Rochette will take drastic measures to save money in order to conserve energy for the winter. “Everything administrative authorities will be heated at 19 °C and the temperature of the gym will decrease by 2°C, announces the chosen one. We are also starting to equip all the radiators thermostatic valves. In addition, I will carry out an awareness campaign in the next municipal newsletter. Some simple gestures like turning off the TV and all appliances on standby also save money. »

Biomass heating

The mayor will also start a study on heating in biomass “Profitability will be on the assumption that there will be enough of us to connect to the heat network. I mean especially buildings. »

And in conclusion: “We have to speed up the process energy transition, it’s good for the planet and it’s geopolitically interesting to be less dependent on certain countries. »

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