Seine and Marne.  Saint-Mammès, king of naval tournaments

Seine and Marne. Saint-Mammès, king of naval tournaments

The club even won a medal of the President of the Republic ©DR

Symbolic sport of the city Saint-Mammesnear Moret, naval jousting is practiced from May 15 to September 15 on the Seine. Since 1884, the local club has tried to preserve the folklore aspect of the games while presenting itself at the highest sporting level.

A shower of titles

Since 1960, the club has been a member of the French Knight Federation and has never stopped developing under the influence of all the volunteers who run it. For several decades now, the club has welcomed young people from Mammes and the surrounding villages who want to practice this sport and defend the colors of the city.

And this year the club won again excellent results. After the victory in French Women’s Cup team for the third time in a row and confirmed the men’s team’s progress by finishing second on the podium (three points from first), the Mammesiens collected seven top competitor titles.

The season that ended definitively in Vigneux-sur-Seine (91), September 3 and 4 on the occasion of the French individual championships in the Alsatian and Parisian styles. At the end of a perfect weekend, they won the race from Saint-Mammès nine French championship titles (three in Alsacienne and six in Parisienne) and four league champion titles (knight school and minimal).

“These are incredible results as we have surpassed the record of six titles we won in 2012 and won medal of the President of the Republic which is only awarded every four years to the club that has won the most French championship titles,” concludes the club president, Frederic Roux.

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