Sartrouville: a system introduced to reduce paper waste

Sartrouville: a system introduced to reduce paper waste

Sartrouville (Yvelines) participates in the “Oui Pub” program. (© Ministry of Ecological Transformation and Adobe)

Sartrouville is one of the 14 communes and communities of the French communes and only from Île-de-France who are participating in this trial run.

Started by the company Ministry of Ecological Transformationits purpose is only to enable distribution advertising paper only to people who express a wish to receive them in their mailbox.

This represents almost 30 kg per household on average each year, the ministry says.

To do so, anyone who wishes to receive advertising printed out simply stick an “Oui Pub” label* on your letterbox. Otherwise, no ad will be distributed.

“All indicators point to that. Advertising is a source of pollution and waste if it is distributed without agreement. A 2020 ADEME survey revealed that 44% of French people throw ads in the bin without paying attention at least once a week. »

Leila GharbiDeputy Mayor for Ecological Transformation

Note that this does not apply municipal magazine, political tracts, advertising printed matter addressed by name.

Reduce waste and costs

Therefore, after consultation with the citizens, the city responded in favor of the call to submit projects, linked to the law climate and resiliencein September 2021. This experiment has a dual purpose.

Firstly, economically, the production of paper va costs and their price is constantly increasing. In addition, it is ecologically necessary to limit the massive production of paper.

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“It’s not about making advertising disappear, it’s about making the consumer more responsible, leaning towards desirable advertising rather than suffering. By targeting consumers who really want to receive print advertising more effectively, they avoid the additional costs associated with producing and managing such documents. »

Stone background.Mayor of Sartrouville

Impact on local businesses

Box advertising has a large share of turnover for some companies, especially smaller ones that do not necessarily have access to the main communication channels. Doesn’t this threaten to cut off the momentum of the smallest structures?

“Most businesses, even local ones, have switched to digital, answers Leïla Gharbi. They also have the opportunity to communicate through advertising inserts in the Sartrouville Mag’ distributed in all mailboxes in the city. »

This last solution is however paying.

Since this is an experiment, there will be no mechanism to ensure proper compliance of the notices by the companies themselves, as they have been informed to better predict the development of advertising print volumes. The city encourages advertisers to “play the game.”

Evaluation in 2025

The experiment concerns 2.5 million people who live in representative areas of French territory and will end in 2025.

From this testing phase, a report will be created, which will be drawn up by an evaluation committee established for the purpose of “evaluating the impact of the experiment on production and processing collection paperits consequences on employment, on the affected sectors of activity, on consumer behavior, but also on possible difficulties in generalizing such a measure,” says the press release of the Ministry for Ecological Transformation.

*The “Oui Pub” sticker order form is available in the Cleanliness and Waste section of the website and copies have been made available free of charge to the public at the reception of the administration center of the town hall.

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