Sarth.  Carrefour warehouse workers strike: "it’s a generic ras-le-bol!"

Sarth. Carrefour warehouse workers strike: "it’s a generic ras-le-bol!"

Employees of the Carrefour supply chain in Allonnes (Sarthe) went on strike this Thursday, September 22, 2022. ©Frédéric JOUVET/Actu Le Mans

“We work to buy sheep, not to become sheep! For Louis* and his fellow warehouse workers Carrefour supply chain from Allonnes (Sarthe), the frustration is palpable.

They showed this Thursday, September 22, 2022 in front of their workplace and sometimes truck drivers honked at them in support.

Almost 70% of attackers

Workers already went on strike last Thursday: a nationwide movement followed in “18 out of 21 warehouses”, reports Denis Tizonrepresentative of the Central CGT Carrefour Supply Chain union and representative of the union in the Allonnes location.

“We make occasional trips to these sites every day. » Main demand besides recognition of their work: salary raise.

We were offered a 2% pay rise. This is a far cry from inflation. We asked for 6% and a bonus for sharing value [ndlr : anciennement appelée prime Macron] in the amount of 1,500 euros.

Denis Tizon, representative of the CGT Carrefour Supply Chain union

National requirements are supplemented by local requirements in order to improve working conditions: 4-day week, 32 paid hours 35 and interruption of work on Saturday. Demands supported by the majority of workers in Allonnes: 95% of night shifts went on strike and between 60 and 70% this Thursday morning.

“We work like idiots and there is no recognition”

“We work like idiots and there’s no recognition,” criticizes Louis. As a selector, he also regrets the shortcomings in terms of health at the start of the race Covid19. “She was zero. We have families, children and we could have taken him home,” he complains.

Who does all the work? It’s us and we’re losing money. Those who are above boast!

Louis, an employee of Carrefour Supply Chain

Employees criticize the frenetic pace of work – weeks six days – and the fatigue it causes among employees. “We got a quota, so you have to run! (…) No one wants to come and work with us anymore. »

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Another person working at the company sums up: “It’s a tired general, people are angry. There were depressions and resignations. People are worn out, worn out, worn out…” Whether it reopens remains to be seen negotiations in Paris this Thursday will bring fruit to employees.

*Name has been changed

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