Sannois.  At Voltaire College, parents mobilized for disabled students

Sannois. At Voltaire College, parents mobilized for disabled students

Aesh enables children with disabilities to integrate into the classroom with their classmates. (©

Do children with disabilities have the means to be in the classroom with their other little friends? Parents of high school students Sannois (Val d’Oise) point the finger at the lackAccompanying students with disabilities (Aesh).

They are present in the classes together with the student with a disability to help him in the course.

“It is to facilitate their integration”, he emphasizes Samir Lasoued. At the request of the parents, the former candidate (ex-Ps) in the departmental elections and in the parliamentary elections invites the Minister of National Education and Youth, Pape Ndiaye, “to realize the lack of resources on the spot. »

“Like the parents of Voltaire’s undergraduates, I have the deepest concerns about the consequences of such a violation of equality.”

Samir Lassoued, former candidate (ex-Ps) in the parliamentary elections.

Since the beginning of the school year college voltaireonly 2.5 Aesh positions are filled out of eight available positions.

The three parent associations of the college (Peep, Fcpe and Apeis) started a petition get the necessary workforce. By Tuesday, October 25, they had collected more than 150 signatures.

According to Samir Lassoued,

“This difficulty in recruitment is completely incomprehensible, especially when the amendment proposed by the majority in the assembly made it possible to strengthen the status of Aesh, especially with a reward based on the public service index. The problem of the lack of Aesh, which is not only in Sannois, is caused by the failure of the rectory”.

Samir Lasoued.

“Children with disabilities cannot integrate courses in the most complex subjects (editor’s note, especially natural sciences), it deepens inequalities.”

Ratiba El Imami, President of Peep.

There were already problems last year. “After last year’s absence of a technology teacher, this year, in addition to a music teacher, a physics-chemistry teacher is also missing (editor’s note, Dasen clarifies that this science teacher has just been appointed). Despite our petition, we have not heard from the academic management (Dasen). »

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Academic Inspectorate says it faces ‘recruitment difficulties’

“To date, there are two people working in the dormitory who support three children with autistic disorders,” said the academic inspectorate from Val-d’Oise.

“There are thirteen children with disabilities in the facility. We are missing six Aesh to follow another ten children, “says Ratiba El Imami (Peep).

“While the number of positions at Aesh has grown considerably (+47% over 5 years in Val-d’Oise), we are currently facing recruitment difficulties,” continues Dasen, who however wants to be “optimistic about the medium term. We continue to recruit Aesh almost daily. In addition, in response to this staffing problem, the academic director this week approached the mayors to propose more attractive contracts: Aesh could supplement his service in the classroom with pupils by covering out-of-school times”.

Regarding the absence of a music teacher, “despite the mobilization of academic services, it should be noted that this discipline is one of the fields with a deficit, for which we receive few applications from contract employees. This is why school leaders try to provide in-house answers where possible. »

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