Sanitation: residents mobilize against the connection tax, which ranges from €800 to €1,760

Sanitation: residents mobilize against the connection tax, which ranges from €800 to €1,760

Work on the extension to the village of La Grée in Pontchâteau was completed in December 2021 © CC pays de Pontchâteau/Saint-Gildas

Go from €800 to €1760is to undergo a 120% increase.

And this is what the residents of the village of La Grée have been condemning for several months Pontchateau (Loire-Atlantique), after the tariff revision Pfac, Share in the financing of collective hygiene.

Transfer to the community of municipalities

This decision follows the annual review of rates in 2021 approved by the community council of the country of Pontchâteau and Saint-Gildas.

Except that when the project to expand the public sanitation network was presented to us in Pontchâteau in 2019, this competence was still municipal. We got much lower rates. At a public meeting at the end of 2019, we were advised that this competence would be transferred. However, at the beginning of 2020 with the transition to a community of municipalities, the price of €800 was confirmed by post

One of the inhabitants of the village of La Grée.

The work was delayed by a year

A total of 50 households are affected. The work, which was supposed to start in 2020, was instead delayed by a year, from August to December 2021.

And that’s where it gets stuck, according to this Pontchâtelain: “the revision of the tariffs, every year end, intervened right after, which caused Pfac for €1760. »

Success for neighboring villages

The nearby villages of Prunet, La Cathelinais, La Picaudais and Bresnel had been annexed the previous year, when the contracting authority was still in the hands of the municipality.

“And yet they got the same bill as us…” These taxpayers were moved by this and started a petition… before winning their case to keep the original rate.

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Ongoing petition

The inhabitants of these villages therefore support the approach of their neighbors in La Grée out of solidarity. Together they have just started a petition so that the 2020 rates retained in 2021 also benefit them.

Not everyone has the means to cope with this doubling of tax. Inflation 5%, we understand 120% is too much!

One of the affected residents.

“A budget that must be balanced”

On the side of the community of municipalities, the vice-chairman responsible for sanitation reminds the mayor of Drefféac, Philippe Jouna, of the context and reasons that led to this decision.

The sanitation budget is autonomous and must be balanced. Everything is paid by the user. And we no longer have subsidies from the Water Agency, which helped with up to 80% of the expansion of collective sewage networks. In addition, municipal tariffs were very different in individual municipalities. From 2400 in Crossac to 800 € in Pontchâteau, depending on the financing of their equipment… By taking over the competence, we had the obligation to harmonize the prices without having the possibility to spread them. We have until 2025 to update water tariffs.

Philippe Jouny, Vice President responsible for hygiene.

Average amount

And as such, it is indeed Pontchâteau that is experiencing the strongest increase. The elected official points out that the average Pfac in the Pays de la Loire region is between €1,500 and €2,000.

The amount is in line with this logic and was calculated on the basis of a multi-year investment plan for financing.

Arbitration Rule

As for the residents’ dissatisfaction, the elected representative agrees, the situation is delicate. And it recalls the rule that applies to arbitrations.

We agreed that works started under the auspices of municipalities should benefit from the original tariff. In La Grée, this work began in 2021 due to the special context linked to the health crisis, although the work was decided by the city in 2020.

Philippe Jouny.

The petition had to be delivered to the community of municipalities within ten days.

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