Saint-Nazaire: Geocaching enthusiasts want to clean up nature in search of treasure

Saint-Nazaire: Geocaching enthusiasts want to clean up nature in search of treasure

Just download the app and start your treasure hunt ©Coralie DURAND

Happy are those who don’t know it yet geocaching : you have a lot to discover.

This treasure hunt, which can be run anywhere in the world thanks to the app of the same name, allows us to take a fresh look at what surrounds us.


Searching, walking, enjoying nature, discovering interesting things, very close to home.

Stéphane Videloup, known in the app as Ptitloup, created the association two years ago, So addicted to geocaching, bring enthusiasts together Saint Nazaire (Loire Atlantique). Because yes, you need to know: once you find your first little box, you’ll want to quickly look for more.

“It works mainly by word of mouth. For Nazaire, it was. It was in 2012. A passionate friend, a cache to be found in your neighborhood and it works. “We search the area around our home first and then expand the area.” Ten years later, Stéphane Videloup can boast 7,600 on his account. A geocacher turned setter with 600 caches to maintain.

cache geocaching saint-nazaire
Geocaching caches created by Stéphane Videloup ©Coralie DURAND

First, the Facebook community

Geocaching has the main feature of guaranteeing great freedom. “It’s when you want it, how you want it.” We can do it from time to time, all the time, everywhere.” You can also practice alone or meet with enthusiasts. That’s the point of association. “At first I just had an idea from the Facebook community. But when it was necessary to do favors, we came together as an association”. Since then, there are more than a hundred addicts, and the “actions” are multiplying.

Geocaching is not only about finding boxes, but also about hospitality. We can create bonds, defend values.

Suffice it to say, after years of Covid, it is appreciated.

Some rules

The basis is also respect for nature. “It’s very important to us. After all, it’s our playground.” From there, the idea arose to combine the meeting with a civic initiative: waste collection in Saint-Marc sur Mer.” “We did it about six months ago in Cuneix and collected 700 kg! »

Videos: currently on Actu

Addicts also want to show their passion and why not initiate leads. “We also remind them of a few rules: discretion, distance between caches.”

Saturday, September 24 from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Meeting on the promenade of M. Hulot. Starting on request in the afternoon. Contact: [email protected]

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