Saint-Malo: the sales manager tried to take the terrace with his van

Saint-Malo: the sales manager tried to take the terrace with his van

It was 9:30 p.m. on June 9, 2021, when the Saint-Malo municipal police intervened on rue Sainte-Barbe, Intra-Muros: a van had just swept the terrace of a restaurant and uprooted a water pipe. The driver left the scene without stopping. ©Google Street View screenshot

It was 21:30 on June 9, 2021 when the city police intervened in rue Sainte-Barbe, Intra-Muros: the restaurant terrace was just swept away by a van and a water pipe was ripped out. The driver left the scene without stopping.

Easy identification

Here it appears three and a half months later before The Criminal Court of Saint-Malo this Friday, September 30, 2022 will be tried for hit and run.

It wasn’t hard to identify using CCTV cameras : his company’s delivery teems with his name and his activities. And all this is written in very large letters.

“Fortunately the restaurant was closed”

The vehicle is also found; it has traces of bumps and scratches “Fortunately the restaurant was closed that evening, no one was on the terrace”, specifies parquets.

Do you realize you’ve hit a terrace?

Nervous at the helm, he explains that he came in to get something to eat after a long day at work and swears he wasn’t aware he’d cause such damage.

I was amazed at what I was accused of. Not once did I realize that I had hit the terrace. I felt myself hit the pavement. With a truck, you feel the vibrations much less.

The president points out that on the camera footage we can clearly see a van carrying the terrace for several meters. “I didn’t realize it,” he insists. “At 21:00 I finished the last class, we spend a lot of energy, I think elsewhere. »

“Intramural, It’s Very Dark”

The judge points out that it is not yet dark on June 9 at this time and that he must have realized that he was occupying the terrace. “Intramural, it’s very dark,” he replies very confidently.

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“This is how cyclists turn into wild boars”

The restaurateur’s lawyer, Me Ripoche, recounts that the defendant would contact his client and ask for an “arrangement in exchange for the withdrawal of the complaint.”

“Things are crystal clear,” said the deputy prosecutor.

When we feel like we’ve hit something, we stop and check. That’s how cyclists turn into wild boars

Me Bataille-Gedouin in defense replies:

It wasn’t a pipe, but a garden hose. Moreover, the Saint-Malo town hall is not present at the meeting. We build a case from scratch!

Necessary fine

Already convicted 8 times for speeding, driving without a license or under the influence of alcohol, will have to wait for the court’s decision on October 21. The prosecution sought an 80-day fine.


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