Saint-Germain-en-Laye: focus on innovative entrepreneurs

Saint-Germain-en-Laye: focus on innovative entrepreneurs

It was a hundred actors who came and visited Talents-en-Laye on the Quai des Possibles in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines). (©Elodie Taillade 78actu)

In addition, speeches, workshops and conferences were on the agenda 4Thursday Talents-en-Laye session.

Hélène did not hesitate to come from Sèvres (Hauts-de-Seine) to listen to one of her friends, a member of La Ruche.

“I wanted to see what universe it was evolving in. And with my company committed to the environment, I know I’m doing better for the planet. I am trying to change my daily habits with my children. »

Helena spectator at the Talents-en-Laye event

To persuade and get the general public to act

Active five years, The waterfront of the possible accompanies impact start-ups they turned to ecology, solidarity, trade and food to develop their ideas.

“We are here to guide talent and help them realize their acts. In addition, we need to show that people are acting for the planet and for greater solidarity. It is also an opportunity to show that projects are feasible and that organizations are there to support the bearers of ideas.”

Laurence Besanconfounder of Quai des Possibles.

For convince audience of the day, several speakers took the floor in the hope of being inspirational. Focus on four from them.

Marion Jézéquel: “There is no manual for parenting”

Marion Jequezel, president of the association La Boussole de la Parentalité, based in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines).
Marion Jézéquel, president of the association La Boussole de la Parentalité, based in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines). (©78news)

Parental compass is an association that has existed since July 2020 with the aim of supporting parenting and education.

“Our goal is to develop support actionsprevention and listening to parents, but also experts in early childhood.

A subject for several years parenthood is significant, many books have been published on the subject and we have noticed that parents are confused.

Videos: currently on Actu

The goal is to develop a virtuous ecosystem helping parents develop their parenting skills while respecting each type of family.

We want to bring the keys over conference where parents and professionals can express themselves and ask specific questions.

We offer accompaniments which range from longing for pregnancy to grandparenthood and children of all ages.

There are six of us volunteers in total and we organize a fifteen events per year that we want to multiply. »

Olivier Ciaravino: “A more ecologically responsible clothing market”

Olivier Ciaravino creator of The Fair Sport.
Olivier Ciaravino creator of The Fair Sport.

Fair Sport is a sportswear brand ecologically designed and techniques for running, trail running and fitness created by Olivier Ciaravino in December 2019.

“The idea came to me after my twenty-year career sports industry for international brands.

I found that they did not follow the trend of consumption, which tends to ethics and I came to the conclusion that it’s time to build my project.

I wanted to have a row composed of several Reference (16 different products). Each product corresponds to the real thing essential need.

I use as much as possible recycled materials. All my products and fabrics are made in Europe. I only work with Ecotex, GOTS or GRS marked factories.

I am convinced that the market for ecologically responsible textile it’s going to be big, but it’s going to take a lot of explaining to get people to understand how they shop and consume. »

Philippe Boutron and Jane Lages “Supporting VSE in their CSR approach”

Philippe Boutron and Jane Lages, co-founders of TOP CHRONO RSE.
Philippe Boutron and Jane Lages co-founders of TOP CHRONO RSE. (©78news)

Co-founders of the company BEST TIME CSRPhilippe Boutron and Jane Lages are helping small businesses (TPE) in their efforts CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

“We set up this service that it’s aimed at companies less than 15 employees to familiarize them with the CSR approach.

Either answer the questionnaire EcoVadis which aims to assess the main impacts CSR companies based on documents or get impact credits subsidized rates or earn tenders including sustainable development criteria.

The CSR approach is committed to Sustainable Development but also in favor of good quality of life at work and behave responsibly towards our suppliers and customers.

The goal is to help ALL in their transformation 60 days go.

We provide entrepreneurs with a advise, report devoted. After that, companies will follow a course consisting of explanations challenges CSR and workshops to define and formalize them liabilitiespossible actions and how to hold them.

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is our position on VSE with our pricing customized offer. »

Kevin Grosset: “A more autonomous and standardized inclusive habitat”

Kevin Grosset (left), coordinator of inclusive housing for the GAPAS association, and his colleague Elodie Legastelois.
Kevin Grosset, coordinator of inclusive housing in Yvelines for the association GAPAS and his colleague Elodie Legastelois.

and GAPAS is an association that offers various forms of support to people in disabilities through facility management, social and health-social services.

Inclusive living is a biotope of common rights, which is transferred either by a private or social landlord, intended for a certain public. We are mental disability.

In 2018 a call for project submissions was started by the user Regional Health Service (ARS) set up in Yvelines, we attended and received a favorable response afterwards.

What we offer is sublease and free membership. This means that people inhabit the dwelling flatsharing and they can apply on their own, they don’t depend on the decision department house for persons with disabilities (MDPH).

We chose the form of joint tenancies because it allows for promotion mutual aidsupport and social life because intellectual disability can lead to isolation.

Our operation is a way to give more autonomy. We are both on a stepping stone model with people discovering life alone and who leave their parents’ home or specialized institutions and more Standard. In total we have 18 roommates. »

Whatever the reasons social Where environmentThese four profiles offer innovative and inspiring projects to reshape our society.

Anne Chaussebourg and Elodie Taillade

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