Saint-Brevin les Pins region: why your household waste bill will increase in 2023

Saint-Brevin les Pins region: why your household waste bill will increase in 2023

The trucks will make one pass per week to pick up waste. ©CCSE

The situation was no longer sustainable. Sylvie Gautreau, Vice President Community of municipalities in the southern estuary the person responsible for regional planning and circular economy announced this to his colleagues at the last municipal council.

In 2023, households (and professionals) will see their bills in six municipalities of the territory. household waste » noticeably swell. “It’s been six years since we touched on tariffs,” says the elected official.

€700,000 to find

The goal for the community: to raise another 700,000 euros to balance the budget, which has been in deficit since last year. The deficit for 2021 (€102,100) and the one that promises to be higher in 2022 have been and will be offset by the operating surplus from previous years.

However, new recipes had to be found, “in the inflationary context around waste, but also rising energy prices “, points out Sylvie Gautreau.

Rising costs

Among the factors that explain this increase in expenses, we can mention the cost of administration four landfills (Saint-Brevin les Pins, Saint-Père-en-Retz, Saint-Viaud, Frossay), increasing, as well as the prices offered under the current renewal of the operating contract onChaumes-en-Retz eco-centre.

“They’re going to more than double, whereas they’ve been very profitable up until now.”

Sylvie Gautreau, CCSE Vice President

Moreover, if selective sorting increases, its processing costs associated with tonnage follow the same curve. The General tax on polluting activities (TGAP), collected by the state from buried tonnage, is also pulling slightly higher each year.

Finally, large investments are required to adapt the arrival ecocentre bio waste and CCSE bears part of the cost of the work.

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New prices

After the financial audit, the environmental department of the municipal office therefore worked on new tariff lists, which are “more comprehensible” for the fee. The principle? A flat rate of €215 per year for one person, plus €25 for each additional person living in the household.

For a single-person household, the fee therefore increases from €200 to €215 per year. For two people, the price will increase from €232 to €240, for three from €236 to €265, for four from €258 to €290…

Professionals will pay more

Another will: equalize the part paid by professionals in the total amount of the license fee compared to private individuals.

“The increase will be lower for individuals than for businesses.”

Sylvie Gautreau

It is for the latter that the price increase is the most remarkable, the fee has increased from 130 to 200 euros for a 120 liter container, whether empty or not. The price then increases with a scale applied to the next liter above 120.

And tomorrow ?

For now Waste collection fee will remain in effect until March 31, 2025, the date of termination of the current contract with Veolia for the collection and voluntary contribution of waste.

But then ? Switch to incentive fee ? Tax for household waste collection (Teom)? Reduce the number of collection days? Evaluate the functioning of collection centers? “Nothing is ruled out,” says Sylvie Gautreau. We will start discussions from the middle of next year”.

CCSE should use a project management assistance guide her in this strategic choice.

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