Rugby.  Stade Réolais: Take advantage of the victory in Saint-Cyprien

Rugby. Stade Réolais: Take advantage of the victory in Saint-Cyprien

Réolais won the match at the very end of the match against Saint-Cyprien. (© Republican South Gironde)

Location Stadistes of La Réole (Gironde) first in the group last week this is where we got a little heated, caught in the trap of misclassification.

However, after the wand hit on the fingers, we hoped that we only expected eight days.

He didn’t succeed there either, because if the Réolais won at the very end of the game in Saint-Cyprien (76′), thanks to a last shot signed by Lucas Darblade, Lot-et-Garonnais won from the Confluent XV at the same time at Ribérac, a performance if ever there was one and it is they who occupy this very famous first place.

Close ban. On the Saint-Cyprien side, the visitors had to work, understandably, in a game where it never seemed like the team would really have the upper hand.

And so in a game of cat and mouse, the Girondins will have the last word, claiming a valuable success that will hopefully call the others on board.

The infirmary is full

For now, it’s on the infirmary side that we have to look at with an extraordinary degree of fulfillment.

The list is long and the offered Sunday of rest, if welcomed by the able-bodied, should not solve the recovery of a large number of wounded.

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Not necessarily good news before hosting Ribérac on November 6, a trap match par excellence.

Last Sunday, it surprised at home for the second time in the season (they were previously beaten by Sainte-Bazeille and also by one point), the Dordogne will be really vengeful and uncomplexed on the banks of the Garonne, having already won twice away from home.

So be careful because the shock of the day will be against Confluent XV and Sainte-Bazeille, the poster boy of the festival. Stadistes will be tasked with earning at home.

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