Rugby: Langon is now "team to beat" in the federal 1

Rugby: Langon is now "team to beat" in the federal 1

The players of Langon (Gironde) are experiencing an almost perfect first part of the season in Fédérale 1. The only drawback: the defeat against Nantes. But this does not prevent the red-whites from being the leaders of their group. (©The Republican)

Langon won 5 of 6. After six days in the Federal 1 Stade Langonnais has a solid record: five wins to one defeatagainst Nantes. Langon (Gironde) logically takes first place in its group, which it shares with Mauléon.

Suspected concussion for Max Deguin

However, Langon’s ardor overcame the discomfort. Facing Bergerac, last Sunday: blue card given to Max Deguin in the 21stE meeting, color synonymous for suspected concussion.

The scrum-half from Langon must therefore watch a period of rest before he hopes to find his little friends and competition.

Note: hooker Ronan Chambord’s departure due to incompatibility of mood with staff.

The new ones tend to find their place more easily, like Fabien Pinto da Silva, who is looking forward to another day and a trip to Oloron, his former club:

It’s a special meeting because Oloron is my favorite club. Today my colors are red and white, but that day will be special emotions. It will be intimate and it will be a fight before everything else, courage and pride are their watchwords. At home they are forced to reboot and it will be anything but easy. Now we have the ingredients to cause them trouble.

Fabien Pinto da SilvaPlayer of Stade Langonnais

3E Langon’s line is already in the game, but at the same time he is enjoying the first weeks in the new colors: “With such a large squad, it’s a real pleasure. There is fluctuation and pleasure dominates, although you may sometimes be frustrated that you don’t start meetings. Now it inspires you to do more and better to get selected and that’s good for the team. By being the first we are the team to beat and you have to accept that state, make sure you keep it, and that’s the hardest part. And then the season is long, full of traps, so you have to enjoy it. »

Finally, note that Mauléon will be in Comberlin after going to Oloron, but let’s not skip stages.

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