Rouen.  Thanks to the documentary, this Youtuber should fulfill her dream: to run!

Rouen. Thanks to the documentary, this Youtuber should fulfill her dream: to run!

Mary Gilles is preparing a documentary with her brother Mickaël about her daily life when she is selected to test an experimental treatment for her disease. They need help filming the final scene. (©DR)

Youtuber and graphic artist for about four years Mary Gilles promotes routes people with disabilities on his channel what are you doing?. Accepts on this positive media both foreigners and personalities such as Quentin Ratieuville or more recently Philippe Croizon.

She was touched by a spinal muscular atrophy type 2 since she was eight months old, a disease preventing the functioning of certain muscles that weaken, atrophy and contract, she received after more than 25 years of waiting treatment proposal experimental. Now 28 years old, she decided to narrate this new adventure and her daily life in a documentary titled my dose of hopewhose final scene is the subject of a crowdfunding.

An adventure told with humor

“It will be a realistic documentary about my life, showing key moments with humor,” explains Marie. We were allowed to film during two injections in the hospital. We see balance sheets, exercises. We will show the material with a slightly original angle. Everything that helps me live on a daily basis. And you’ll also see me working with Philippe Croizon. »

This film also witnesses his complicity with his brother Mickaël, the cameraman behind the camera who has accompanied him since the launch of his Youtube channel. “I dare to say things with him that I wouldn’t say to others,” says Mary. It’s natural. »

Both want to break away from any doleful vision by balancing the “difficult moments” with a good dose of humor. And that’s what Mary loves, especially “black humor”. No wonder he has a photo of comedian Jérémy Ferrari in his bedroom.

Here is the trailer for the documentary:

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A stop motion scene that will make your dreams come true

The highlight of the show will be a funny and moving sequence in “stop motion”, an animation technique that creates movement by connecting hundreds of photographs. “We devised this process to make me run and jump on the screen, things I’ve never been able to do since I was born,” Mary describes.

“We wanted to end in style,” continues Mickaël. Mary will be lying down and we will put her in different positions, capture the images with the camera to create the impression of movement. Filming promises to be challenging. “You need at least 12 photos for one second of film,” explains Mickaël. You have to shoot in a studio with a green screen, with all the equipment and control the light. We will work with a company specializing in animation. This includes significant costs that prompted them to start crowdfunding.

Help Mary achieve her dreams

All elements related to the presentation of the project and counterparties can be found at Kisskissbank funding page, launched on September 30 for 36 days. The documentary, created under the direction of Sebastien Cruz and Les Films de la plage, should be broadcast France 3 Normandy towards the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. All you have to do is participate and help Mary realize her dreams.

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