Rennes: they worked at the Metro B site, what memories do they have?

Rennes: they worked at the Metro B site, what memories do they have?

François Buisine and Xavier Gallais worked on metro line B in Rennes. They say (©Brian le Goff / News Rennes)

It was launched this Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 5:10 The metro line B in Rennes open after approx. 8 years of work. More 7,500 jobs were mobilized for this extraordinary project. At Tuesday’s inauguration a a moment of gratitude on actors of this work was organized by the Métropole de Rennes in the Halle de la Courrouze.

News of Rennes slipped into the lineup k interview some workers for the memory they keep and the feeling they get when they see the subway trains finally running around. Here is testimonials from two of them.

“I learned my job on metro line B in Rennes”

Xavier, 31 years old, is an engineer in infrastructure construction projects for mobility. It is currently deployed on the Grand Paris Express started as a student at the metro B construction site in Rennes.

At Insa Rennes, I had to implement my project at the end of my studies with an internship in the company. I wanted my subject to be metro route B. For this I contacted Egis, which was already present in the studies for this project and which then accepted me as a contract.

Xavier GallaisParticipating in the technical design with station and tunnel architects

With others, the young graduate also thought about very specific things, such as length of platforms and number of stairs required at stations. “For four years, At the same time, I grew up than construction and I learned my job mainly on the B metro in Rennes. »

All moments of everyday life and tension in memory

He had a particularly difficult task in his missions organize the work of companies during the works: “I was on plot 1, that is, on the tunnel and the stations in the city center. I happened to have to make a decision to things that were inaccurate about plans or even check for leaks infrastructure”.

He maintains in memory all the moments of everyday life and tension who marked his presence on the construction site. “They were there sometimes. interviewed like the day the floor of the Noz store caved in. We were always confronted new and relatively rare problems because it isn’t not every day we build a line subway,” he recalls.

The arrival of the tunnel boring machine as the best memory

His fondest memory remains the moment when the tunnel boring machine arrived at the exit shaft “which marked the end of the main works civil engineering on this site’.

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“It was emotional moment, the end of a part of the project that occupied us for four years, the culmination of collective work with all companies. So a moment not of relief, but of satisfactionthat they had reached the end of a more than eight kilometer long tunnel and see things come to fruition. »

“For the first time I was able to live”

François Buisine has been working for Siemens since the beginning of 2018. He was brought in by coordination organize all tests, “from a simple sensor to a global function, to driverless automation, to whole system power supplies, to whole supervision and a centralized line control station”.

Lots of memories they jostle in his house, but they all do common point.

Thanks to my position, I have been able to experience almost all the first times over the years. I experienced the first ride of Cityval in Rennes, the very first switch-on of the track, the first fully automatic turning of the wheel, the first ride on the viaduct, the first days of the carousel, so – so the moment when several trains are injected so that they all come down one behind the other and today the first introduction to operation. The interest for me is all these first times.

Francois BuisinHead of examination coordination

He also appreciated leading teams, creating a collective and getting everyone to work together for this result. “It exists today pride and emotions to see all the people who participated in this project eyes that shine. It’s a real experience we feel gratitude and it is very pleasant. »

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