Rennes: her 18-year-old daughter is violently attacked in the street, she gives a warning cry

Rennes: her 18-year-old daughter is violently attacked in the street, she gives a warning cry

Anne Voland is the mother of Maude, a young 18-year-old student attacked outside a bar in the center of Rennes. (©Hugo Murtas / News Rennes)

Anne Voland is a angry mom. “Sad and above all angry,” she insists exhaustedly. This mother has not slept at night since her 18-year-old daughter was the victim of a violent attack from the bar in reindeer.

After the facts and a visit to the emergency room and then to the police station to file a complaint, Anne Voland takes on the role of spokesperson to alert everyone on uncertainty. News of Rennes he met her.

A violent blow

Monday, September 26 maudeAnne Voland’s daughter, spends a quiet evening with friends in a bar Montfort Street, at the top of the Place des Lices. The party goes off without a hitch until a “very drunk, barely able to stand” man walks into the establishment.

“He attacked a human first transsexual by insulting him profusely. Maude and her friends left because the man was becoming unstable. He was then taken to the exit,” says Anne Voland, whose daughter told her everything.

A group of friends is already outside when an individual is kicked out manu militari by bar security. A man lying on the ground struggles to get up throws a violent punch to a young woman. A gesture that Maude and her mother still cannot explain.

Five facial fractures

“The perpetrator did not speak to my daughter, nor did she speak to him. This gesture is incomprehensible and that is the biggest concern. My daughter was punched in the face by a stranger for no reason,” says this worried mother.

Maude is suffering five facial fractures. The scan, carried out in the emergency department of the Rennes University Hospital, revealed in particular a fracture of the floor of the right orbit. A young woman disfigured by a hematoma in her right eye will have to undergo surgery surgery heal his wounds.

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Aggression as a means of warning

Anne Voland was not affected by this man, but she is deeply marked by what happened to his daughter.

I don’t want my 18 and 22 year old daughters to be afraid to go out at night. I ask the police and politicians to take this into consideration. Rennes is a vibrant city that deserves better.

The Anne-Volands

She adds: “Many parents whose children are being abused are distraught. Despite the aggression, Maude wants to go back to a normal life as soon as possible and go out with her friends at night, like many people her age. That doesn’t stop her from being dead worry“.

Ongoing investigation

Contacted by user News of Rennes, the police specify that the attacker is not from Rennes. Was arrested then taken into custody the same evening. As of Wednesday, September 28, negotiations are still ongoing to shed light on this case.

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