Reef.  Reconstruction of the old washroom will begin in 2023

Reef. Reconstruction of the old washroom will begin in 2023

The Falaisiens are very connected to the history of their old laundry. © Les Nouvelles de Falaise

The Falaisiens, and more specifically the Old Ones, are attached to old laundry room, Located rue de la Roche a few steps from the famous Fontaine d’Arlette, currently closed to the public. Historically, this pan came from the XVIIIE century was associated with tannery activity. William the Conqueror’s maternal grandfather was also a tanner.

This old tank was subsequently used for another use, for washing clothes, associated with the presence of a stream that provided running water. Until the 1980s, it was used by families who came there to do laundry.

Over the years, the washing machines disappeared, the washroom was abandoned, but the pool of memories remained. It was accessible to the public during walks offered by the Central Committee.

Building security

Today, when you discover the old wash house, you can admire the beautiful Ionic columns over 2000 years old, the sinks where the laundresses used to boil the laundry, its wooden structure and roof. But before we get down to the task of restoring the washroom to its former glory, we have a big problem to deal with.

Currently, visiting the old washroom is not allowed
Currently, visiting the old washroom is not allowed. © Les Nouvelles de Falaise

“The laundry house is located in a very old house from the 18th century on three floors, in an advanced state of disrepair.” Grégoire Dagorn, elected by inheritance.

This house was built after a laundry on the same lot. “We have to prevent further deterioration. »

Work to secure the building will therefore begin at the end of October to get it out of the water, out of the air, before the renovation and reopening of the laundry is considered.

“We seal all the openings and build in an internal and external support system to prevent leakage into the dishwasher. In a few years, consideration of its renewal and assignment will be proposed.

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Laundry recovery

In the second phase, at the beginning of 2023, work will begin for the washing line, less complex, on the restoration of the frame, which is in an advanced state of rot in some pieces of wood, on the roof, which “retains its charm”, on the reconstruction of the granite blocks replaced by concrete ones with cubes, about cleaning the pan and cleaning the copings (board).

A budget of €70,000 including tax is planned for this project, partly financed by the Heritage Foundation and the Normandy region (for €39,000), the Calvados department, the city and an event set up by the E. Leclerc Centre.

The original sinks where laundresses used to boil clothes
The original sinks where laundresses used to boil clothes. © Les Nouvelles de Falaise

And if the building from the 18th centuryE will not be open to the public for several years, the washhouse could be opened in 2023, restored as part of visits organized by the tourist office. Some elected representatives would even like to combine this historic site with cultural activities “exhibitions of works of art, music or theater…”

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