Radio 2B in Nogent-le-Rotrou: duplex closure and in tears with Mayotte

Radio 2B in Nogent-le-Rotrou: duplex closure and in tears with Mayotte

Radio 2B in full final broadcast. ©Valentin MAUDUIT

July air in the middle of October. Goodbye, tears, but above all, a lot of pride. The high school students from Nogent together with their friends from Mayotte completed an exhausting and oh so exciting week. It was quite a challenge and they did it brilliantly. “Actually, what we’ve been doing so far has been easy,” now realizes an exhausted Cédric Hounsou.

Gilbert Montagné, the last guest

This year, the challenge was even more important because it was necessary to have a common antenna with the Dembéni High School in Mayotte, which experienced a general blackout for more than an hour on Wednesday, October 19. “We’re really super happy. There were shows at the start of the week that could have been improved, but they’ve made good progress over time,” notes Jonathan Guyot, staring at the live screen.

That being said, these are the final moments of this week’s Radio. And we were lucky enough to participate.

While the joint broadcast was scheduled for 2:00 p.m., it was eventually moved. ” They have Gilbert Montagne in the studio at 2 p.m. When he was at a concert in Mayotte, they managed to bring him, “smiles Jonathan Guyot. For students without worries, events, rehabilitation. They started this joint program at 1:15 p.m. “This morning again we didn’t know if it would work technically,” the teachers admit.

Group cohesion

And everything works wonderfully, the technique and the chemistry between everyone. “We had incredible group cohesion this year,” the science teacher slipped. Alchemy among the Nogentais, but also with the Mahorais. “This final show is really there for us to discuss together this week…”

Like a little mouse we could enter the studio in the heart of this rush of emotions that was brewing. Nogentais and Mahorais returned the ball. IN Studio Rémi-Belleau, Camille, Lycia and Lucien provide entertainment. Together, they look back at this week’s most important events. And signs of affection between two devices will connect on FM. To some, all tears are close. “They sank already yesterday (Thursday, October 20) during the last evening Jonathan whispers in our ear.

Express Corps

Especially in these candid exchanges, “we feel all the frustration of not being able to exchange all week catching up with us,” laughs Jonathan. The clock is ticking, the end is near, but the compliments keep pouring in. “You say you’ve learned a lot, but you don’t realize how many things we’ve learned this week. You have such generosity ”, insist the Nogent students in the air.

Videos: currently on Actu

Before returning to the airwaves in Mayotte for a meeting with Gilbert Montagné, the Nogent choir was formed at the instigation of singer-songwriter Nolan, accompanied by a ukulele. The last musical moment, Jules, a former high school student, started the mix on the decks.

Microphones cut and helmets were placed, Nicholas Sibenaler, the director of the establishment, announces: “if you agree, we will be able to sign for 2023. »

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