Quintin: on the Marque-Page floor, a unique coworking space

Quintin: on the Marque-Page floor, a unique coworking space

Gilles Perrotin has set up a large coworking space on the first floor of his bookstore at 43, Grande Rue in Quintin. ©Anne-Sophie Matrat

Idea of ​​Gilles Perrotin, owner Marque Page bookstore in Quintin (Côtes-d’Armor)create space coworking gradually grew.

I already had the space, but I didn’t know what to do with it. The building I own in downtown Quintin is divided into three roughly equivalent parts in terms of area: the bookstore, the personal residence, and this space. I thought I wanted to transform it into something in the same spirit as a bookstore: a place to meet and exchange ideas. After the Covid period, everyone was talking about remote work. I thought why not…. And it was gone!

Gilles Perrotin

Shared offices, FabLab, business incubators, coworking spaces… “At first I was completely lost face to face linguistic magma which I discovered. I didn’t know the environment. First and foremost, I am a bookseller. I asked the communication agency I work with to support me in my project: a market study was born. Now I knew who to focus on, who to offer my space to,” continues Gilles.

Monumental fireplace

After studying the market, Gilles was able to build his project very specifically: the place should contain meeting room for eighteen people decorated with an authentic monumental fireplace, shared kitchen, indoor winter garden, three closed offices including double a Open space five workstations in a large shared office.

Meeting room with a beautiful fireplace
Meeting room with a beautiful fireplace. ©Anne-Sophie Matrat

The workspaces are practical and modern. Everything is of high quality: chairs, tables, windows… and all this in a solid and old space large exposed beams and thick stone walls.

By coming to life as the work progressed, the place turned out to be particularly beautiful and, above all, completely atypical.

Photographers, therapists, event agencies… project themselves into this space. It would seem that he sometimes welcomes other public than just businessmen. And I have to admit that it warms my heart, me who always thought of it as a place of exchange. The more there are, the more my mission will be accomplished.

Gilles Perrotin

In just six months

In March, the space consisted only of attic buildings. Six months later, the works are completely finished and businessmen and employees of large companies are already at work and gather to chat for a few minutes by the coffee machine.

Winter Garden

The center of the place is the winter garden. To understand this place, you have to go there. Like everything that is truly beautiful, it seems to be inhabited by emotions… You feel good there, at peace.

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View from the kitchen
View from the kitchen. ©Anne-Sophie Matrat

A very gently flowing fountain contributes to this a deep sense of well-being. At 43 years old, plants reign supreme: aquatic plants, ficuses, monsters, elixirs, mirages, Virginia creeper, ivy, oleander, cactus… altogether a hundred plants, warmed by the midday sun.

Much of the water used to water the garden comes from the library’s dehumidifier, which is just below it. That’s about five liters of water a day. I want to stay within ecological and economic logic. I am a lover of nature and plants, but I also have a structure to immortalize. So I try to think everything right.

No waste

At 43 years old, we are moving towards zero waste with washable sponges, cloth towels, no plastic cups, minimal bins… “Limiting the number of bins on site is the very first way to reduce waste. It’s simple but effective! »

garden party, 99% of the material was recycled : from wood salvaged from the attic during work, to furniture in the “relaxation” areas that are second-hand, including an Indian coffee table, raw wood picture frames, velvet or rattan armchairs, woven rugs … everything is lovely and pleasant.

“On the other hand, for office parts, I preferred practicality and uniformity by buying good chairs with seats that retain the back and large work surfaces. People come here primarily for work. I don’t forget it. »

Thierry Kedinger, a painter friend of Gilles, inhabits the place through three large canvases, landscapes that make you feel good. And the works of Sébastien Monteil, comic book illustrator, color the kitchen.

part of the reception area
Part of the reception ©Anne-Sophie Matrat

Personality above all

It’s the manager’s choices and personality that make this place unique. Gilles Perrotin is fascinated by the esthete the changing world of work. His great curiosity allowed 43 to draw inspiration from everywhere.

“My project is part of the interest in well-being at work, the quality of interpersonal relationships… I like to see people develop around me who feel in the right place at the right time and at ease. Listen to them laughing and drinking coffee or tea, share your worries, your successes. I confess that I long for the 43 to be “populated” from all sides. I’m also very curious to see who its “inhabitants” will be! I’m thinking of having a breakfast together soon, like every Thursday morning. A great opportunity to be together. »

Besides, being together is the goal of the maneuver for many people who are tired of working alone at home. It’s like a home away from home here.

43, Main Street in Quintin. Such. 06 40 40 77 38, coworking43gmail.com or www.coworking43.fr

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