Product reminder: above all, do not eat these chocolate pains if you have allergies!  – There was once a pub

Product reminder: above all, do not eat these chocolate pains if you have allergies! – There was once a pub

Withdrawal of the product from the market consists of method, which protects customers from dangerous objects. Unfortunately for us, it can strike without warning. And above all, it can affect different products. It can be meat, cheeses or even non-food items. But product recalls can also affect things Delicious. This week’s procedure concerns pastry, sold in supermarkets. We will tell you all about this sad news!

Pain au chocolat dangerous for allergy sufferers!

It happensproduct download in order to prevent illness among consumers. In recent weeks, the Rappel Conso website has brought a lot problems with Listeria or E. coli bacteria. These situations can really put the most vulnerable people in great danger. brittle.

But this week product download shared by authorities remains more limited. In fact, it is pains au chocolat, containing soya. However, this composition does not appear on the label of this pastry. A situation that can reveal people allergic to soy. Really, don’t see allergen in the list of ingredients, they could very well consume this pastry. Next, side effects may vary from individual to individual. But food allergies require be very careful !

To avoid unnecessary risk, the Intermarché chain initiated a product recall. The Rappel Conso website put this information online to reach a wide audience.

How will I know if my cupboards contain foods affected by this product recall?

The problem batches were in Intermarché stores. In practice, these are bags of 10 breads chocolate, sold under the trade mark chabrior. If you frequent and like this brand this kind of foodyou can also check the link visible on the packaging.

You should really consult about downloading this product packaging. If your package has a problem, you will see the following information:

  • GTIN 3250390373216
  • Lot numbers L22359851(HH:MM) 286 and L22359851(HH:MM) 287
  • Deadline: November 10, 2022

You could see pains en chocolat affected by the product recallon the shelves of Intermarché, between October 14 and 21.
The procedure started on October 21 and will end December 21.

If you notice this product in your home and have a soy allergy, don’t consume it. If, despite everything, you have eaten this product, stop immediately. And do not hesitate to inform your doctor. Instructions provided by Intermarché recommend destroying or discarding this food. Know that if you bring it back to the store, you will get a refund.

You have no doubt noticed that product downloads are a part of our daily lives. After pizza, ice cream or crispsit ended about this star product of our breakfasts and refreshment. In fact, it should be obvious that all products can represent a risk. To avoid problems, it is better to stay informed.

You can count on it to never miss a product download place official Conso. To be able to receive notificationfeel free to follow the platform on social networks such as Twitter. This will allow you to see notifications in real time. This reflex allows you to remain cautious. It also saves you from taking risks unnecessary, for you and your loved ones.

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