Pontoise.  Gaëtan and his Halloween Scary Journey

Pontoise. Gaëtan and his Halloween Scary Journey

In the garden of the family house, Gaëtan created an animated course for Halloween. (©Fabrice Cahen)

He is a teenager full of ideas who got into decorating events. For the past four years, every fall, Gaëtan took out four boxes of accessories and started reviving the garden of the family home in Pontoise (Val d’Oise).

From a simple decoration for his entourage, the novice director has just moved on to a 15-minute scenographic journey, which he will offer to the public on the occasioneve of all saints.

In the beginning it was just a few cobwebs on the trees.

Over time, the decoration has become a real attraction by creating a mini-course of a production based on Gaëtan’s imagination.

A realization that he had been designing for three months. The garden is fully invested.

“At the entrance I installed some decorations using a vending machine for young children, then we will move to a course reserved more for the adult public,” explains the 13-year-old student from the 4th grade at Chabanne College.

The machines are purchased, but the decor is his own design. The special effects are handled with tricks that Gaëtan doesn’t want to divulge, but which fall under theme park-worthy engineering.

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Some accessories are lent by a professional event show.

Actors will also step in to add even more reality to the show. “A real chainsaw without a chain roars and the door opens with some fear for the visitor,” reveals Gaëtan to give a taste of the evening.


It has a control room in the corner. “Here we supervise the special effects and manage the visit,” he explains.

If only he suggests the course, the teenager is accompanied by two of his parents’ friends who come to support him during the public performance.

Approaches have been created behind the course to allow speakers to move and surprise the audience. He has already spread the information around.

The sequences will be shown from 29 to 31 October from 19:00 to 22:45. 4, cesta bot, Hermitage district.

When the Halloween party is over, Gaëtan moves on to more clever decorations with Christmas lights. Here, too, the child thinks about the magical journey.


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