Pont-l’Evêque flower house competition: who are the winning residents and traders?

Pont-l’Evêque flower house competition: who are the winning residents and traders?

Presentation of prizes for the competition for blooming houses in the gardens of the town hall. Pont-l’Evêque ©Camille RUFFRAY / The Pays d’Auge

As every year, the city of Pont-l’Evêque organizes flower house competitionaction “with increasing success”.

“Flowering is a tradition that the town hall wants to preserve, encourage and congratulate. The passionate work of the Parks and Gardens Department and the active participation of Pontépiscopiens contribute to thisattractiveness of the city », reminded the mayor Yves Deshayes during Valuation competition on Monday, September 19, 2022 in the garden of the municipal office. The aim of the initiative is to “encourage creativity,” as Christophe Lecavalier, head of the Parks and Gardens department, also emphasized.

And the winners are…

For this 2022 edition, the competition has merged about thirty participants, paid the jury a surprise visit. And the winners are…

  • In a separate house and its garden visible from the street, categories: 1. Jean-Pierre Leclerc, 2. ex aequo Elisabeth Bourdais and Josianne Couchard, 3. Jean-Pierre Pepin.
  • Category of facades of individual houses without gardens and balconies or windows in apartment buildings visible from the street: 1. Hugette Letellier, 2. Francis Guillou, 3. Marie-Paule Bouvier.
  • Trade and business category: 1. Jacques Plumas for Le Saint-Honoré teahouse-gallery, 2. Frédérique Chapuy for Quincaillerie Chapuy, 3. Annabelle Leplé for La Fromagerie d’Annabelle.
  • Caravan and bungalow category: 1. Henri Pessel, 2. Sylvie Faucon, 3. Laurent Omo. The town hall was thinking of Renée Husová, who “dropped out of the competition this year after two consecutive victories.”

Cap for the divisional competition

All participants visited the so-called “remarkable” private garden on the Côte Fleurie, the winner plant. The winners of the first category will take part in the departmental competition for towns and villages in bloom and houses in bloom. Because when it comes to participation above all, population boom also contributes to that designation of the 4th flower, the highest honor awarded by the National Committee of Cities and Towns in Bloom. The city intends to preserve it even in 2023!

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