PICTURES.  Near Rennes: we discovered this balcony in the middle of the forest and the view is great

PICTURES. Near Rennes: we discovered this balcony in the middle of the forest and the view is great

A stone balcony set behind the trees of a forest, about thirty kilometers from Rennes. (©Hugo Murtas / News Rennes)

A balcony lost in the middle of the forest. At first glance, this place seems completely alien to its environment: a stone building surrounded by a wooden barrier in the shape of an arc of a circle, nestled among the trees. You only have to get close to it to understand that this mysterious breakthrough one with nature.

View of the valley

It is located about thirty kilometers from northwest of Rennes, in Couesnon Valleythis balcony is considered gazebo because of his height.

Every walker who goes there will enjoy the wonderful panorama. It offers an unexpected spectacle with a view of crowns of trees in the valleyas well as on Couesnon River.

The gazebo is included in the category one of the most beautiful heights in Ille-et-Vilaineand is probably the most unusual of all.

How do we get to it?

This belvedere is quite within walking distance but be careful: it is very poorly indicated. Most have heard of it, but few have discovered it. Many walkers even told us that they already do desertedseveral hours after filming.

I never found it! I was on a trip with the kids from summer camp and after 2 hours of walking we gave up, there is no sign to find this belvedere!


If you are coming from Rennes by car, it is best to park nearby Chateau de la Ville Olivier. Once you park, you need to walk a hundred meters north on the D102. When you reach the intersection, you need to take the dead end on the left, direction a place called La Roche.

A few dozen meters away hiking trail which leads to the belvedere.

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If you see any sign indicating horseshoe, stone benches and direction sign to Chauvigne and Liffre : you are on the right track!

Go your own way, and when you leave the road, turn right and come face to face with this romantic structure.

His story remains unknown

In addition to being romantic, this balcony is also full of mystery. The history of this belvedere remains unknown to this day. Contacted by user News of Rennesthe major of the town Mezieres-sur-Couesnon to admit that I do not know the origin of this stone balcony.

“It was workers from the city who discovered it in the 1970s. It was hidden behind trees and bushes,” he clarifies Olivier Barbet, mayor since 2008. He adds: “Unfortunately we don’t know who built it and even less when it is dated”.

After its discovery in the 1970s, the then mayor Joseph Jourdan decided restore this stone gazebo. Several facilities were created at this time, including hiking trails. fifty years laterpedestrians are still discovering this strange and wonderful balcony.

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