PICTURE.  Cotentin: 50 volunteers collect waste on the coast

PICTURE. Cotentin: 50 volunteers collect waste on the coast

Before starting the collection, everyone listens to the advice. (© La Presse de la Manche)

L’Orchis associationwhich is intended discover natureits protection and security environmentorganized in cooperation with oyster farmers Lestre in Crasville (sleeve). Friday, September 16, 2022half day garbage collection on the coast.

“For the first time, a meeting place was provided in the Copalestre oyster farm in Lestre to the company of Raphaël Lejeun. It’s a revival, we haven’t been able to organize it since March 2018 with Covid. »

Anne-Marie Lepetitpresident of the association

Many people registered for this operation, but the big surprise was also to see volunteers want to give a moment for the environment like this couple of Belgium holidays in the area.

About fifty volunteers

Among the volunteers present are twelve people from Agricultural loan Val de Saire, Valognes and Coutances.

“We joined as part of CSR, social responsibility towards the environment. We accompany during energy transfer. We wanted to take advantage of the Orchis event and help. Accompany these good deeds. Help the oyster farmers whose workplace is the sea, be considerate of the territory and our customers. »

Christian Huwylercommittee member

Participants were offered coffee and pastries before leaving for the beach from Crasville to Lestre.

“I sent a hundred e-mails and there are fourteen professionals in total for this operation, four young people from the aquaculture school with the teacher Isabelle, twelve volunteers from Crédit Agricole, Sylvie Amiot, mayor of Lestre, and seventeen members or sympathizers” Orchis, who replied, present . There were exactly 50 of us to collect about 18 m3 of waste. Thank you to all the volunteers who participated. »

Anne-Marie Lepetit

25 years of twinning

OF September 23 to 25Orchis celebrates 25 years of partnership with DBiography of Dorset Countryside Volunteers from England. This association has the same goal as Orchis: the environment. This time Orchis will be the host, a construction site is planned in La Hougue and one day will be dedicated to visits. Generally at the exchange level, always with a construction site forecast, it takes place in a year England and in a year France.

“I am delighted with this organization,” emphasized Sylvie Amiot, mayor of Lestre. On the other hand, education in use would be needed tidal reservoirs. Locals aren’t the only ones passing through this place. Indeed, on the night of Thursday to Friday, a washing machine was placed in a tidal ferry stationed at Grand Veys in Leicester. The Orchis panel was also broken.

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