Picardy European petanque champion Manon Pruvot recounts a “unique experience”

Picardy European petanque champion Manon Pruvot recounts a “unique experience”

Manon Pruvot, a pitcher in Feuquières-en-Vime and from Oust-Marest, became the European Espoir Champion on October 9, 2022. (©Kévin Évenou/Union pétanque feuquièroise)

Licensed in petanque club Feuquières-en-Vimeu (Somme) Manon Pruvot has been passionate about this sport since she was four years old European Champion of Hope in a triple on October 9, 2022 with the France team.

In parallel with her bowling career, the student fromDrop Marest (Total) is in the third year of humanities studies at the Faculty of Arts, UK Beauvais (Oise). It’s not easy to think about Back to school in international competitions…

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Manon Pruvot: I don’t think I’ve realized it yet… But I’m very happy! It’s more than a goal achieved, it’s a dream come true. A dream I had since I was little. The participation alone was incredible. But the win is… I’m speechless yet.

Was this your first big competition?

AFTERNOON: Yes. On the other hand, in 2018 I had the opportunity to participate in gymnasiums, the Olympics of the International Federation of School Sports (UNSS). I went to Morocco.

We felt professional at the hotel.

Manon PruvotEuropean petanque champion

How was this week in Palma de Mallorca?

AFTERNOON: It is a unique experience. We left with the France team from October 5 to 10 in the hotel where all the teams met. It’s strange to find yourself in such an atmosphere. It felt professional, we even had a physiotherapist!

Isn’t it stressful to be in such a place?

AFTERNOON: Yes and no. It can be a pressure to be surrounded like that, but we put that pressure on ourselves. On the contrary, it is a support, because in such moments we are far from our loved ones and it is nice to be surrounded by a team of enthusiasts. It’s a second family.

I tried to get off my little cloud.

How did you react when you were told you were selected for the France team?

AFTERNOON: I was super happy of course, but I quickly had to refocus. I found out at the end of August, so September was a very intense month. I usually play on weekends and once a week. Last month I went to three training sessions a week, not counting the weekends.

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How was this return to the third year of the license? Wasn’t it too difficult to combine sports and studies at that time?

AFTERNOON: I had the opportunity to continue quite late: in the middle of September. So it was just two very intense weeks. But it was the return after the title that was the hardest… I had a hard time coming down from my cloud.

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